Friday, August 14, 2015

New called “the old felon – Aftonbladet

“New called” will, as always, to help police solve crimes.

This time even a former professional criminal to be an expert in program.

– I figured in the program many times over several years, says Anders Adali Nöjesbladet.

This fall is the time for the season number 50 of “Wanted,” which now goes under the name “New calling.”

The focus will as usual be on solving serious crimes and the new presenters are Catherine Wennstam , Hasse Bronten and Tage Åström .

In addition, the former professional criminal Anders Adali , 37, to participate. Adali will make selected reportage and sometimes sit with the program as an expert.

– It is great fun. I figured in the program many times over several years. From there to actually be involved in the program and make something positive out of it, I could not even dream of. I totally lyrical facing this, he says.

“Terrified of GW Persson”

He tells us that he followed the program closely during his time as a criminal and to be involved were in his “bucketlist”.

– I was always completely sealed and benched before each section. I was terrified of Leif GW Persson and what he would figure out. I held the course of the robbery, but even with pretty much anything else, such as high-end burglary. They sat and watched TV to see what they had, and they had nothing they felt a relief. But it was also exciting to see what they knew about the crimes they have done.

“Located behind several major robbery”

After a robbery in Turku in 2007 sat Anders Adali in prison in Finland three and a half years, and the last months in Sweden before he was discharged in 2011. It is the only major crimes he been caught, the rest he got away with.

He tells Aftonbladet that he was active criminal in Nine and a half years.

– I is behind several major robberies in Swedish history in the years past.

What do you think people will think that you are involved in the program?

– I hope they will think that it is good. I’ve changed my mind, I’m not the same person as before. I am a vegetarian, I’m driving yoga several times a week. I write books, I was the host of “Stop thief,” I have participated in the “Week crime” and “Brottskod”. So over the years I have nevertheless shown that man can change and get something else in life. I have received positive feedback to date of people and hope that they think it is positive now.

“New called” premiere 2 September at 21:00 on TV8.


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