Wednesday, August 19, 2015

“Without STORY, he’s just a guy with a big voice ‘- Göteborgs-Posten

It is no longer enough to be talented to get the television room in Idol. Nor is it sufficient to be incomprehensible young and talented. You must have a story, too.

“What’s your story?” is the question that is repeated time and again by the jury (after which it will Obligatory clip where Alexander Bard points out that the participant STORY certainly not influence the jury’s decision).

Still, the told, that story. For new viewers can I explain that a story is a background story, but not just any, but a history of very severe setbacks. Despite all the misery is this young man in front of us. After the commercial break will hen sing. If the hen can. And the judgment of the jury.

This is not a new phenomenon. Anyone who has taken it far enough Tyra Banks in the Top model, where participants’ stories go from annoying to unbearable distressing. No man with model ambitions can treat themselves to a “happy childhood” anymore, not if you’re going to get Tyra Mail in any case.

Do you remember Sharon Abraham from last year’s Idol? She had come to Sweden as an unaccompanied refugee and had a deportation threat hanging over them before his upcoming 18th birthday. In a particularly distasteful way managed production paint a picture of the idol was her “last chance”, and then send her out of the race for the final audition.

Idol received scathing criticism for his heartless exploitation of a young, vulnerable person. It does not prevent the program from focusing even more on sad background stories of the year.

In the premiere, we got hit Bori Shoyebo living in foster families because of tough home situations and Axel Schylström fighting with the aftereffects of a serious accident. On Wednesday evening, the only 19-year-old Victor Andreasson to talk candidly about the fight against addiction.

They are wonderfully courageous and strong, all three. But Idol utilize them with consummate cynicism for it to be good television. STORY adheres when and become an epithet that hangs with you. You become “The guy with the scar” or “girl who is deportation threatened” long after the TV cameras go out.

There will be hell to be a teenager and keep track of all parameters and meta levels and Choosing the right playing cards on time, before the circus is running and all of the paper is already inscribed and it is just smile and try to play with.

– I’ve learned one thing, that one is alone in life, said, Bori Shoyebo in Idol’s season premiere on Monday. He was only 15 when he made his audition, but knew he had to tell me about the most difficult in his life for the TV camera, so much it was before his voice choked. Without STORY he’s just a guy with a great voice and it is not enough to be good television 2015th

Is it really what television viewers want? Have we become so jaded? I do not believe it. I want us to give TV4 a small hell until they stop with such crap.


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