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Perrelli has said yes to his love Anders – Expressen

She said yes and he said yes.

Now, Charlotte Perrelli married his Anders Jensen.

Here is the couple’s wedding joy on exclusive Château d’Esclimont in France.

– It has been and is a fairytale weekend, says his friend and colleague Jessica Andersson.

Wedding Happiness Charlotte Perrelli and Anders Jensen .

At the exclusive Château d’Esclimont, near the historic Versailles in France, the couple have finally gotten together and on Saturday afternoon was ordained the front of their 120 guests.

Among them appeared his friend and colleague Pernilla Wahlgren , PR-star Michael Bindefeld singer Jessica Andersson , television profile Christine Meltzer singer Peter Jöback and his spouse Oscar Jöback , schlager general Christer Björkman , songwriter Fredrik Kempe , the previous footballer Tomas Brolin singer Hanna Hedlund , TV producer Johan Pråmell artists Magnus Carlsson and Martin Stenmarck – and considerably more.

During the wedding ceremony – held after a summer outdoor lunch in the castle courtyard – bar Charlotte Perrelli a dress by the Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab , slightly she showed up for the first time on Instagram shortly before the wedding ceremony.

The dress had to be picked up in London by the couple themselves, because of the risk of transporting it.

Charlotte Perrelli was led to Anders Jensen of the children and held the common son Adrian’s hand – even in front of guests.

The couple married during a several meters high flower wreath, and along the shattered aisle, next to the visitors’ wooden chairs, stood several pink bouquets lined up in shining holder.

During the wedding sang the singer Andrea “Dea” Norberg , 41, including performing with Perrelli in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.



“Been like a fairy tale”

And no luxury without appreciation. Wedding ceremony – which is estimated to cost around two million – and the entire event hailed by the wedding guests Expressen talked to.

– Charlotte and Anders, their love and generosity knows no bounds. It’s like a fairy tale to be part of this, says his friend and colleague Jessica Andersson and continue.

– It’s been fantastic, absolutely wonderful. Scarcely one finds words to be a part of this kind of experience.

– It has been and is a fairytale weekend.

Even toastmaster Magnus Carlsson, who on Friday had the honor to lead sing, enjoy your stay and love.

– It’s nice, very hilarious and heartfelt. A nice evening yesterday with much laughter and joy, he says.

While Hanna Hedlund and Pernilla Wahlgren calls the wedding fabulous and amazing.

– There has been great, says Tomas Brolin.

Spending the day in the sun

During the Saturday morning and the morning, guests have been enjoying the sunshine on the castle courtyard. Among other things, they have been playing tennis and yoga classes outdoors.

“Great morning with tennis and power walk in the park,” wrote football icon Tomas Brolin earlier in the day.

– Very generous and fun. As well as good running tracks, says Martin Stenmarck.

Meanwhile, chose others that did not work out but just relax.

“I and Pernilla Wahlgren take a cup of coffee and check out yoga gang who toil in the sun “wrote the singer James Stadell on Instagram.

And while the guests enjoyed everything palace and France offered spent Charlotte Perrelli their morning and the morning with the children and Anders Jensen. Among other things, she demonstrated – via Instagram – the sons Alessio and Adrian played in different directions at the Castle: one went swimming in the pool while the other kissed on a stuffed lion.

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Got luxurious gift of love

But there was no time for other things too. Before the wedding ceremony and the grand celebrations gave Charlotte Perrelli his love a gift.

“Anders got a nice little present from me in the day of our wedding,” she wrote on Instagram next to a picture of a Cartier watch worth of around 20 000.

With the clock was accompanied by a personalized message:

“To my beloved husband on our wedding day. I’m your wife, from now and forever. I love you. “

The day before the wedding was spent also in love. After they channeled to Paris – via a private gate at the airport – then enjoyed a lunch on the Seine aboard a private yacht.

“On the way … All the guests are here !!!” wrote Perrelli then on Instagram.

In the evening there was a big dinner and party in an outdoor tent next to the castle. During the dinner, was also invited guests on a singalong from pop artist Magnus Carlsson, who sang her own song, “Come home.”

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been married for several days

Despite today’s nuptials said Charlotte Perrelli and Anders Jensen yes to each other as early as Wednesday – at Arlanda.

The rules for weddings is saying that – for it to be registered in Sweden – have married civilly, and be married at a castle in France do not fall under that category. Why did the couple say yes to each other at the airport.

– We handle actually there at the airport just before we leave. There will be a small swing in which to make it valid, Anders Jensen told Expressen celebrity magazine Extra.

The couple’s families are not invited to the wedding is Charlotte Perrelli previously declared with:

– We felt we had to make a choice, so I will have another event for my family down in Småland by the side.

Charlotte Perrelli and Anders Jensen has been together since 2012. The following year they received son Adrian.

Between 2003-2008 Charlotte was married to Nicola Ingrosso. Together they have the sons Angelo and Alessio.

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