Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cowell about One Direction pause: “A good thing” – Aftonbladet

Heart Cross Sade fans are still upset that One Direction will take a long break from March in 2016.

Now, says music mogul Simon Cowell who put the band together that it is healthy for them.

– I said “Do what you want,” says Cowell according to Billboard.

Simon Cowell admits that he has “known it for a while” the world’s most popular boyband One Direction to take a break from March 2016 for at least one year. The band will then have released five albums and been on four tours in five years.

– Although they are young, it is an exhausting schedule. After a while I could see that they were exhausted and when they asked what I thought (about the break) I said, “Do what you want.” To have a year off is a healthy thing.

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No pressure

Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson was quick to reach out to fans after the news came out to assure everyone that they still have much they want to achieve in the group.

Simon Cowell hope that they keep their promise that reunite after the break, but says that he will not be involved in it.

– I hope so, but as I said, it will not be because of any pressure from me.

Not yet

Although he is not sure what the future holds for 1D says Simon Cowell that he is confident that the guys will solve it all and make the best of it.

– It’s not over yet. They will take some time off and decide what they want to do.


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