Monday, August 24, 2015

One Direction “break” their interests – Göteborgs-Posten

The world’s largest boy band went their separate ways. It’s got Twitter to, well, do the same.

One Direction thus takes a break from each other. On March 1 next year is Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan separate ways. What happens next remains well see. On Twitter, people react in all cases very differently to the news of the band’s break, break or any division.

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The beginning of the end? RT Report: #OneDirection will go on a one year hiatus in March! Perez Hilton

#OneDirection can not break up! Moll

#OneDirection ice splitting up? Nooooooooooo! Drag Me Down

Why I never saw One Direction ?? is sooo disappointed with Myself … Viktor Magnusson

Seems it’s the Four Direction now. David Mooney

So they’re No longer going into #OneDirection? Well that’s awkward. Kylie Erica March

Next person to make the #OneDirection going in different directions joke gets blasted into space. Felicity Morse

We’ll have the latest news on the reported #OneDirection break-up. Plus counselorAnnaWilliamsonTV offers support Good morning Britain

Thoughts & amp; Prayers with colleagues working in child & amp; adolescent psychiatry today. Dr Cromarty

It’s like When couples ‘go on a break’, we all know what’s going to happen With that, stop the delaying the inevitable. Jack

Ugh. The radio is gonna be crapping on about #onedirection all the way into work Michelle Linton

Ok so the split is not Until March. We’ll have time to prepare. Everyone starting building Anderson shelters. Vittoria Gallagher

I feel like I only just got over the Spice Girls split things up and nowonedirection. Jennifer

One Direction …. Beginning of the End. History tells you once one goes the rest soon follow. J @ mes

Taking a break is different from splitting! Aleisha

They are not splitting up They are taking a break. Liam HAS confirmed this Numerous times. M Loves 1d


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