Sunday, August 16, 2015

Biggest, best and most beautiful but on the way to the final? – Göteborgs-Posten

Once I dragged with the necessary help, a piano up five narrow stairs without elevator and into the apartment. It was sworn and groans were and on floors three ended the poor instrument into a veritable hatstorm. She took piano loved it of course, so we calmed ourselves. But after it felt enough everyone involved that it would never be necessary to move again. And if it could be done so had the piano hell remain, or be cut down to sushi sticks.

Right now, Way out West that piano. The question is what to do with it. We have baxat festival all the way to record attendance and a position as one of Europe’s top festivals, while it is puzzling many who spits on it. Of a range of reasonable and unreasonable reasons.

Is not it about Slottsskogen partially cordoned off for a few days so the problem is in the music. The comments from the readers in the GP’s direct reporting tends to be harsh, but this year, the tone sharpened. Way out West is criticized for that book Galantis (WoW should not be Summerburst and DJs are not real musicians), Pet Shop Boys (looking rather), First Aid Kit (not a real headline). And so we have the whole battery of people who think the program is kreditne time, in conflict with those who think it is too mediocre. Even the audience gets beaten up on social media (too many hipsters, usually difficult to win, posturing).

And then I have not taken up the discussion of milk jam and the rather aggressive sponsorship from the large oat milk company. At the same time, it has therefore come more people than any previous year. Friday night was the next painfully crowded inside the area. Also criticized.

Organizing Luger over the years has had little trouble handling criticism. It glosses over with everything still is amazing or acting like a cornered Director annoyed that the municipality brakes requirement to avoid having limited space for beer and wine-serving. When written something unflattering about the festival delights Luger a frustration that is not always becoming.

But this: one is the biggest, best and most beautiful we must expect both the righteous and silly criticism. Just chew on. It should not even be particularly difficult given how many people apparently can not imagine a summer without a Way out West. The atmosphere of the area has been fantastic.

Still, the rumor is that Way out West doing his final year in 2016. Perhaps it is the Way out West and Gothenburg are finished with each other. It becomes so in love sometimes. I love the fact that this large, increasingly cumbersome festival with all its peculiarities.

When you have lived together for a while you learn the either accept each other’s shortcomings. I can easily live with Way Out West less flattering sides, with a view to taking all this fantastic music and this totally awesome party town.

It is easy to take everything that’s great for granted. There would be a lot more boring in Gothenburg Way out West packed up and went. But if it would still be so – sure to fix one last really blazing exodus party next summer.


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