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Jan-Olov Andersson about their “crystal” -favoriter – Aftonbladet

This year’s program (appointed by television viewers)

“Ack Värmland” , TV 4, “Breaking news” , Channel 5 “Morran and Tobias” , SVT, “Parneviks” , TV 3.

Four good program series, really quite hopeless to compare. But “Ack Värmland” is a comedy series that grew for each section. So wonderfully dramatic in the mix of humor and seriousness.

This year’s entertainment program

“Idol” , TV 4, “Let’s Dance “, TV 4, Melodifestivalen, SVT, ” Ninja Warrior “, Channel 5, ” On the Trail “, SVT.

“On the Trail”. Eurovision Song Contest attracts many curious viewers, but it always sovereign quiz has, quite rightly, a few million viewers, almost manically follow each program.

This year’s female presenters (appointed by television viewers)

Carina Berg and Christine Meltzer , Channel 5, Gry Forsell , TV 4, Malin Gramer , TV3, Sanna Nielsen , SVT.

If they are host in the traditional sense know in hell, but … Carina Berg and Christine Meltzer communicate effectively all possible feelings when they pull out on the road trip the US or Europe.

This year’s male host (appointed by television viewers)

David Hellenius , TV 4, Erik Ekstrand and Mackan Edlund , TV 6, Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson , Channel 5, Lasse Kronér SVT.

Lasse Kronér. Just gets better and better in their own concept “Doobidoo” and is able to maintain energy even in semi-dull “Smarter than a fifth grader.”

This year’s sports television profile (appointed by television viewers)

André Pops , SVT, Anna Brolin , TV 4, Frida Nordstrand , TV3, Roberto Vacchi , Eurosport.

André Pops. Seems tireless, how many long broadcasts he does.

Net TV personality

Dragon , “Bolibompa” SVT Gunilla Persson , “Swedish Hollywood Wives”, TV3, Marcus Oscarsson , Nyhetsmorgon, TV 4, Mia Parnevik , “Parneviks” TV 3 Sefik Ibrahimovic , “Ibrahimovic from Rosengård more more than one goal,” Kanal 5.

This year’s new category recorded. How to compare dad Ibrahimovic’s interest in his son’s football career, with Gunilla Persson’s follies? Thanks to his curiosity about everything and everyone, his warmth, charm and humor, I vote Mia Parnevik.

This year’s TV drama

“Blue Eyes” , SVT, “Earth Shots’ , SVT, “Digicode 1525″ , SVT, “torpedoes” , TV 4, “Viva Hate” , SVT.

“Earth Shots’. A daring concept that could be both canon and turkey, but got a reasonably cheap “Twin Peaks” -substitut.

This year’s female actress in a TV production

Christine Meltzer , “partying”, Channel 5, Lena Endre , “Viva Hate”, SVT, Mia Skäringer , “Oh Värmland”, TV 4, Moa Gammel , “Earth Shots’, SVT, Rachel Mohlin ,” partying “, Kanal 5.

Moa Gammel. Here you can talk about an actor who carries an entire series, a character who probably was not simply to grasp, so strange as the whole series.

Best Male Actor in a TV production

Adam Lundgren “Blue Eyes”, SVT, David Sundin , “Not OK”, TV3, Goran Ragnerstam , “Earth Shots’, SVT, Johan Petersson ,” partying “, Channel 5, Peter Andersson ,” Viva Hate “, SVT.

Johan Petersson. Well, he’s “just” a comedian who jokes and “have to”. But he does so damn good, whether he is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Fredrik Reinfeldt, or anyone else.

This year’s comedy programs

“Ack Värmland” TV 4, “Not OK” , TV3, “Full pattering” , SVT, “Morran and Tobias” , SVT, “partying” , Kanal 5.

“Full pattering”. The sisters Bianca and Tiffany Kronlöf ventured out in the crowd, dared to be political and feminist, but never forgot to be damn fun too.

This year’s reality show

“Farmer Wants a Wife “, TV 4, ” The Dictator “ UR ” All of Sweden bake ‘, Seven, “Paradise Hotel” TV 3, “Reality Stars in the Castle” , TV 3.

It should be understood SVT’s “Everything for Sweden” to win every year. And backlit pictures of cornfields and Swedish love songs may stand me up in his throat, but … it is impressive to function as well feel good television year after year.

This year’s reality TV

“Mountains and Meltzer in Europe” , Channel 5, “Klippan karaokecup” , SVT, “Happy Street” TV 4 “Parneviks” , TV3, “Are we going to end?” , Kanal 5.

“Parneviks”. Thought it would tire after receiving the go hussesyn in luxury villa in Florida, but the friendly and curious family produced lovely and unexpected encounters. As a policy the talking between Ohly and Samir Badran.

This year lifestyle program

“All the photographers’ , SVT, ” Angry carpenter VIP “, Channel 5, ” Married at first sight “, SVT, ” Historieätarna “, SVT, ” Husdrömmar “ SVT.

“Historieätarna”. Although their longörer. And Erik Haag baby chatter becomes tedious in the long run. But it is an original, fun concept, well executed.

This year’s documentary program

“Astrid” , SVT, ” Parting “, SVT, ” The Hunger “, SVT, ” Brottskod “, TV3, ” Ibrahimovic from Rosengård with more than one goal ” , Kanal 5.

Astrid Lindgren series gave certainly lots of new angles on both her as a person and writer.

This year’s factual and current affairs programs

“Breaking news” , Channel 5, “Whoever may be” , SVT, “Devil’s Dance” SVT, “Fatherland” , SVT, “The programs that changed television” , UR.

“Breaking news”. Although it contains little too much nonsense and drivel, it is impressive to four days a week looking so delightfully crazy angles on everything in this world. Both large and small.

This year’s review

“Documents from within: Burn a car” , SVT, “Mission Review: Art Hoax “, SVT, ” Mission Review: Municipality examiners in Österåker “, SVT, ” Cold facts: Slave in Sweden “, TV 4, ” Troll Hunters “, TV 3rd

ought to vote for well-made” Burn a car “made by my neighbor Bosse Lindquist, but I was more upset by the program if they myglande politicians in the Österåker.

This year’s children’s and youth programs

“Bacillakuten” , SVT, “Extreme Moment” SVT, “Christmas Calendar: Pirate Cat’s Secret” , SVT, “Celebrity Babysitter” , SVT, “Life in Letter Wonderland” , UR.

With teenagers have left this genre behind. But “Celebrity Sitter” has had quite a few funny moments.


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