Saturday, August 15, 2015

Years & Years liked Norrköping – Norrköping Newspapers

With songs like “Desire,” “Shine” and “King” has Years and Years with frontman Olly Alexander, bassist Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen (synth), has begun to take place on the charts. Their mix of electro, R & amp; B and 1990s, house work, not least on the radio and on the dance floor.

Electronica band from London came in a big tour bus, which is parked inside the cordons in Vasa Park in anticipation of the show. Outside the tape was standing fans, who got the chance to talk with their idols. In the afternoon, the band played happy football with a bunch of young guys.

– We went for a long walk before and it is beautiful here, especially at bridges, says Olly.

Living in the bus is okay, although it can get crowded at times.

– I have trouble sleeping when we go, but the other two did not suffer from that problem, says Mikey.

Today go festival Way Out West in the last day with acts like First Aid Kit, Amazon and Ellie Goulding.

– We are impressed by this year’s line-up there. And that they have sold out of tickets the day we play, says Mikey.

The gig on Friday afternoon will be the first real concert in Sweden for Years & amp; Years, even if they have been in Stockholm before. But first warmed the words in Norrköping.

– We can not pronounce the name of your town, but it was a nice gig. At first we did not think anyone would be – it was kind of seven people this afternoon.

They were pleasantly surprised when the park was full and they themselves were chased by fans. Some favorites on the track list have already acquired live and “Real” seems to peak right now.

– It is so fun to play with good “beat”. A real kick, says Olly Alexander.

He has taken a break from acting for a while. Attentive fans may have seen him in TV series such as “Skins” and the movie “The riot club.”


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