Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Simon got Anders Bagge shed a tear – Aftonbladet

Here, the 25-year-old toddlers father Simon Zion “Idol” -juryn melting – and burst into tributes.

– It was pretty nervous, says 25- year-old.

In tonight’s episode of “Idol” gets 25-year-old Simon Zion from Stockholm Anders Bagge , Laila Bagge and Alexander Bard will blow your mind. When Simon, who brought her two-year daughter Ruth-Essi and wife Annica Zion for tonight’s audition, singing Billie Holiday “God Bless the Child” must Anders Bagge wipe a tear.

– You’re the best guy in the last two years, says Laila Bagge in the program.

Anders Bagge agrees:

– We love you.

Alexander Bard in turn was not fully satisfied with the 25-year-old look, but the appearance was however nothing wrong.

– You have such a damn good voice.

“Did not think it would be so nervous”

Simon Zion is satisfied with her performance.

– It felt really nice actually. But I did not think I would be so nervous as I was. I’ve had my years on me, so you might think that I would not have to be nervous but it did anyway. But above all it was awesome fun, he says to Aftonbladet.

Simon Zion says that he has long thought about seeking to “Idol”.

– I have always teased myself a little neighboring with the idea, how it happened and so on. I come from a little alternative musical background and has probably always thought that I should go another way, but now it seemed very natural. Why would not I do this?

“My daughter is a top tinkle”

Simon Zion has played jazz, rock and pop and has three years of experience playing there.

That it was a particular “God Bless the Child” has a simple explanation.

– It’s such a great song and I really feel like it’s mine. I also wanted to show this side of me early. No matter what I play is from this kind of music, which I take the greatest part of my inspiration.

During the week, Simon Zion busy taking care of her daughter Ruth, who then was on “Idol “.

– She’s a top tinkle. She felt absolutely that it was fun to be with. She is always such a ray of sunshine among people. And she’s used that I am away and play so it’s nothing new to her that way.

Will you take home the “Idol”?

– Haha yeah, that attitude must of course go in with.


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