Monday, August 24, 2015

Fifth largest concert at Ullevi Stadium – Gothenburg Post

No upsets Hellström and Springsteen. But Metallica did the fifth largest Ullevi concert.

Metallica concert at Ullevi stadium on Saturday is the fifth largest concert in the arena’s history. Headbangers forced to see himself beaten only by home his son Håkan Hellström and Ullevi-favorite Bruce Springsteen.

When organizing Live Nation finished counting showed that 63,036 people saw the singer James Hetfield and his bandmates play through a lot of Metallica -hits.

Håkan Hellström has Ullevi record with 69,349 spectators were on June 7 last year. Springsteen’s concerts in 2012 and 1985, the other places in the top five.

Read the review of Metallica’s concert by GP’s Maria van der Lee and see all the photos from the concert.


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