Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tensta responds to criticism after the protest of the “morning news” – Aftonbladet

He has dödshotats 200 times.

Now responds Adam Tensta for the first time in the criticism of his protest against racism in the “News Morning”.

– I’m surprised, writes rapper.

Adam Tensta performed his famed protest the “morning news” broke down many.

Since 16 June, the rapper received over 1,800 racist comments and 200 death threats.

In Nöjesguiden now writes Adam Tensta yourself about the reactions and treat simultaneously for the first time criticism that he chose to leave the studio.

– I left the studio it is important to clarify our experiences about the structural racism that exists in Sweden. It is important, for many of you do not see it, because you have not experienced it. It is important, because it affects so many of us, writes Adam Tensta.

“Possessing the most privileged skin color”

The text reproduces Adam Tensta an event when he was 12 years old was stopped at the airport because the police suspected that he was smuggling drugs.

– I have experienced racism in many ways throughout my life. Threats and hatred is nothing new to me. But I am surprised that there is actually white editorialists who publicly oppose my protest in TV4. Persons who possess the most privileged skin color ever. People sitting in positions of power, making decisions and forming public opinion. The same people whose children are not likely to be designated as a twelve-year-old drug couriers at the airport.

Turn back the claim of a PR coup

Adam responds to the assertion that the protest was a public relations coup for his new disc. Slightly including Svenska Dagbladet’s editorial writer Per Gudmundsson squares forward.

– It is precisely in reactions like Gudmundsson, and hatdrevet to me that followed, my intention with the protest comes into its own. The reactions are part of the structural racism that exists in Sweden today. Per Gudmundsson from their high, high horse tries to reduce a protest that goes against his self-image of Sweden is the most dangerous of all.


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