Saturday, August 22, 2015

So great was the Metallica gig – song by song – Aftonbladet

Gothenburg. The show is stripped down and pyrot has been burning inside.

The most astonishing is that a white-clad cheerleaders take up half the stage.

With it becomes Metallica’s return at Ullevi a good day at work. Neither more nor less.

The tour has as many have already pointed out, strange timing. Metallica like most others in the music industry has discovered that the money is not rolling in as they should and therefore tries to make money playing live is perhaps not surprising.

It’s hard to blame them when the old thrash community Moreover, filling the entire Ullevi stadium with fans and metal euphoria.

What is curious is if so, how they do it. Without any new material or a majestic show, choose Metallica to make a stable transit in their careers where the surprises are more concerned when the set is the songs show up than if they do.

And compared to last Ullevi Stadium clash – when the band had finkalibrerat classic cavalcade of pure gold, such as an unforgettable “The call of Ktulu” – after the return visit was not the same goose bumps milling.

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Most bizarre is how the band has let the fans be decorated to new tour. Some 50 members of Metallica’s fan club fills half the scene as a solid-white team from the TV4′s “Clash of the Choirs”.

It is difficult to see the point, more than that, it sure is powerful experience for the fans standing and sweating with their idols. But hardly for the rest of the 63 000 visitors.

It is, as many other of the limited liability company, Lars Ulrich and Co.’s ideas over the past decade, a nice idea in theory. But perhaps should have stayed right there. To see Kirk Hammett knead his guitar neck towards some happy Swedish fans might not show up on Instagram directly. There will be neither a boost for the show, or fun for the rest of the crowd.

But the bad is the gig of course, never. With a perfect summer backdrop impresses above all James Hetfield with a voice that is easy to make fun of, but who convinces in almost every second. “Sad but true” weighs more than the entire arena.

The ballads, especially “Nothing else matters”, is sometimes bewildering. “Battery” get at least something unexpected a place on the track list, already the third song. “The Day That Never Comes” slams more than ever. The show is simple, but also beautifully lit with laser and intense and prick safe light.

It’s really just the feeling of a Ullevi Playing welcome to overturn a not only deliver a live band of world class. We already know that Metallica is.


Metallica raises Ullevi with a loaded opening in intense, fiery or blood red. A nice alarm clock for the evening.

“For Whom the Bell Tolls ”

The classic sounds really convincing, Trujillo krabbar scene and James whips up singing along already. Strong.


So liberating to get this, anyway, something surprising “Master of Puppets” -bomben. Rock Hard. May also running the most visible on the stage – that is, the 50 invited the fans.

“King Nothing”

Stable delivered. But it is difficult to reconcile themselves with Lars majestic bass drum and James surprisingly low vocals.

“Disposable Heroes”

Powerful song than it sounds in the evening. The riff running over us, but the drums oscillate between thunderous heavy and barely audible in the fast sections. James sings svinbra.

“The Day That Never Comes”

James – in recent Metallica’s most beautiful intro – opens at the white-clad fans on stage and continues to röstbriljera. “Death Magnetic” -bidraget is actually fiendishly powerful tonight.

“The Memory Remains”

Reliable workhorse live understood makes perfectly with Ullevi sing.

“The Unforgiven”

James plucked nylon guitar is so volymmaxad it slams into the sound system. It is strange and kills some atmosphere in this beautiful classic. But the song … still dazed.

“Sad but true”

So betongiserad tonight that the black song gets Ullevi construction feather lift to heaven in comparison. Big time.

“Turn the Page”

Rob makes a hellish basuppvisning, so low frequency that I do in the pants. Then goes basgasmen in a sleepy version of Bob Seger Covern. Too bad.

“The frayed ends of sanity”

Unexpected tame and Metallica are able to just the next few lines to tag to.


Of course the best looking numbers, with lased spear over the audience and black and white soldiers in slow motion across the screens.

“Master of puppets “

The audience receives the epic thrash classic with the evening’s biggest cheers. Trumfladdrig but of course impossible to not be cracked by anyway. Charged on stage now, too.

“Fade To Black”

Stable display of an otherwise entirely turbulent song. Smart Phone.

“Seek & amp; destroy “

Metallica singing concludes, tight and committed.


” Whiskey in the jar “

The brand utjatade Covern sounds more fun than expected in the evening. And of course the most appreciated on the whole setlist.

“Nothing else matters”

Troubled fine version, perfectly lit with laser beams shooting into the sky and Hetfield filmed from above. It shows the singer once raised his voice in great shape.

“Enter Sandman”

The band billion industry to let get a sea of ​​black beach balls and one of the audience’s support as a backdrop. Dignified and reasonable conclusion.


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