Saturday, August 15, 2015

Patti Smith | Azalea, Saturday – Göteborgs-Posten


Patti Smith

Azalea, Saturday

Best: It’s nice to hear whole Horses plate

Worst: My generation is misplaced.

Public: Large, both young and Patti generation peers.

The image of rock music as a source of eternal youth has been well received in x number of shocks over the years, but on the other reformulated myth and updated again and again.

Patti Smith is undoubtedly one of the most iconic artists that really preserved its power and its aura. Therefore, it is fascinating that death has always been so present in her music and poetry.

The loss and grief after her husband Fred “Sonic” Smith, who passed away in 1994, influenced her work ever since. Full Gone again-plate 1996 was devoted to the loss of her husband but also her brother Todd and soul mate Robert Mapplethorpe.

Already in the classic debut Horses, which was filmed in its entirety in the Castle Forest, it is about Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix. It’s nice when Patti Smith, before closing Elegie, not just lists the names of a collection of dead rock stars, but also calls to have our own loved ones who have left us in mind.

Do not think this was a black gig in sorrow characters. On the contrary, Patti Smith blew through the entire Horses plate in a focused, energetic way. Despite the darkness, it was about love, passion and take power over their own lives.

During a long, intense Birdland read, sing and roar Patti Smith before she finally wears off solbrillorna and throw away a hearty spit on the stage floor. Must also mention a frenzied Free money and a stylish Kimberley.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of the grip to play an album from start to finish. It occurs as an agreement between the artist and the audience that can be quite special and you win of course also on song order is demonstrably carved in stone and is thought out from the beginning. But it can also be boring when everyone knows what song is coming next. Patti Smith knows, however, she was doing and the audience seems to appreciate the grip. And that includes the author and his friend Henning Mankell who sees the whole gig sitting on a chair at the scene one side.

Patti Smith herself looking happy and exhausted when she took Horses in goal. But of course there is room for the encore. She Because The Night – it is soft, supple, romantic but still a fight song for the love of permanent home port and refuge.

Patti Smith says goodbye with several inflammatory speech about people power, peace, love and understanding, and that Mother Earth does not belong to big companies. A tough game when you have a large Sony-sign and an even larger Telia sign in view. Even there she arranges. Impressive.


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