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SVT journalist’s attack-free periods, Avpixlat and Exposed: “Racist … – News Today

 Lamotte is among other things to attack the site Free Times. Photo: Facsimile Facebook and Free Times

Lamotte is among other things to attack the site Free Times. Photo: Facsimile Facebook and Free Times

GOTHENBURG Now the journalist Joakim Lamotte to attack again in a new Facebook video. This time, the sites on the net which he says is racist in which Avpixlat, Free Times and Exposed singled out as examples. – News texts are permeated by a political agenda, says Lamotte to News Today.

The last few days have been a debate about press ethics has taken off and now embarks SVT journalist Joakim Lamotte into the debate with a video that he posted on Facebook. In the video he explains that sites like Avpixlat, Exposed and free times are not telling the truth, but that they instead spread racism.

The question is by no means new, and there are different opinions about which sites are reputable and not. In the News Today, we believe that, for example, Exposed is one of the worst sewer sites who have ever seen the light of day in Sweden, not least because they steal other people’s texts straight up and down.

The second site, Avpixlat, has long been controversial and they have made a number of publications which attracted strong criticism, including a highly acclaimed text of a “Black Lucia”. Meanwhile deemed not usually Avpixlat as a news site, but more as a kind of blog or news blog. The rings are not normally and ask questions, or create their own news, but the material on Avpixlat is more a kind of comments to the news that other media reports.

The third side, free times, working in any event on the same as established media. They conduct their own interviews and they have their own revelations and reports. Meanwhile, critics perceive the site as racist but themselves they mean that they are politically right and they call themselves conservative.

News Today called Joakim Lamotte to ask questions about how he reasons. He says that he likes the news texts on these sites imbued with a political agenda that is racist.

– What I mean is, above all, the political, the political driving forces, are not separated from each other in such news texts or forming opinion texts. New texts are permeated by a political agenda, and that one does not see in the mainstream media, explains Lamotte in the phone.

But the Daily News wrote the other day that Sweden did not at all become an insecure country, just as Magnus Betnér also said. It was you really critical to?

– Yes, I am. And I’m not saying either that the mainstream media always manages. But I think it is very much greater credibility among established media, yet these media Exposed, free periods or Avpixlat.

Do you feel that there is no inherent difference between the three sides you expect up?

– There may be differences of degree, but I feel that it is the same policy agenda, accounting for all of us. It is the political agenda that permeates all news texts as well.

But the magazine ETC and Dagens Arena, they are well at least as political, although from the left?

– Yes, there are those too.

But you make no video about them, that you should not trust them?

– It might come.

When it comes to free times, do you have any examples of something they published that are not proven to be true?

– Well, I think more of it language they use. They talk about immigrants and Arabs. Embarking on ethnicities crisscrossing without thinking of at all. That’s what I think is creepy and a bit scary. I think they often incite against ethnic groups.

These pages get the most traffic, really large amounts of traffic. What do you think that is?

– I think there is a distrust against the powers, against the mainstream media, and like that. We have a society where there is boiling today, people are mad at very much. Man grasping at straws. But I think there are many who do not really know what kind of sites you link to. If you’re a bit older maybe you do not realize, you might think that it is an ordinary newspaper to link to, but it’s a text to Exposed as it links to. Then I think you have to know what is the type of site you are inside and click.

– then I think that if you want to link to them, then you get well to do it then. But then you have to know what kind of site you mentioned.

Some say that even News Today is a racist site, but it did not you?

– I have not read it so much. I do not know. But that’s the one you write for? No I do not know, that’s not the grossest directly.

One of the objections Lamotte also have the sites he criticizes is that they are not connected to the press ethics system or can be viewed by any review board. It divides these sites, for example against News Today that since the fall of 2014 voluntarily chose to join the press ethics system. This means that the articles on this site can be considered by the Press Council and the folds of the same.

News Today has sought free Tiders publisher Widar North , but he could not be reached on Tuesday morning . However, we got hold of one of the people involved in writing articles on free times.

– I have not got time for this stuff larva, Chang. We might treat it, the Metro is also like that. It is not serious. Do you want any other comments you may take it with Widar, he said.

Below you can see the video that Joakim Lamotte published on Facebook

This is for all who spread links from eg Avpixlat, free times and Exposed. Please continue to link but then you must understand what you are doing. There is no truth without racism you spread.

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