Thursday, August 27, 2015

“Paradise Hotel” back in the box – Helsingborgs Dagblad

What awaits in the season, she is coy about and the question of whether there will be “more of everything” thinking she mysteriously a while.

– Maybe … Kristian and Saga’s relationship goes of course may not be top, but there is so much else in years. This gang bjussar really on themselves, she says.

Emma Andersson is one of the participants of this year. Her journey into “Paradise Hotel” began after a call from a former student who thought she should look.

– Never in my life, was my first thought when I came up with. But my mother persuaded me to run. And Mom says running, so run it, says Emma Andersson.

For her participation in the program a memory for life and she says while it is a big difference between watching the program on TV and experience it in reality.

– There are more mentally demanding than you think. You live in a little bubble and has no contact with the outside world. It becomes very intimate and you get people close in a short time, she says.

Participation in “Paradise hotel” does not only mean sun, party and a trip to Mexico. The package also includes a “recognition factor”. Oliver Strige, one of the male participants have afterwards thought that he might not be able to stroll along the streets of Gothenburg completely anonymous anymore.

– One wants to be a bit private when you’re out with his friends. But I should not complain. There are also a lot of fun, he says.

He is proud that he dared to set up the program and appear in television, but recognizes that it felt a little strange the first time he saw himself.

– There were mixed feelings. Sometimes it was a bit ashamed pillow, but on the whole I’m satisfied. I’ve learned a lot along the way, says Oliver Strige.


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