Sunday, August 30, 2015

Error winner was called the “Crystal” – Aftonbladet

The confusion was total in the “Crystal” gala.

Error television program was named the winner in the category entertainment program.

– Okay. TV3 might want to practice a bit before they do live galas, tweeted Jessica Almenäs from the live broadcast of the gala.

After the Eurovision-winner Mans Zelmerlöw will distribute Year award Entertainment programs during the “crystal”, he reads the “Let’s Dance”.

But it was impossible that they should have won because previously revealed that it is “Idol” and “On the Trail” that has received the most votes by the jury.

Zelmerlöw bursts out laughing shortly after he read the envelope. The confusion is total during the gala.

David Hellenius and Jessica Almenäs is still on the scene.

– As it goes on TV3 put it up three stuff. We are so happy that it was wrong, said David Hellenius.

– After those two selected was somewhat unexpected, says Jessica Almenäs.

“Thank you for watching strange broadcast “

Pär Lernström and his” Idol “-Gang will then be up on stage to receive the award.

– Thank you for the watching this strange transmission. Congratulations “Let’s Dance” to the other site of that is about where you end up, says Lernström.

Rachel Mohlin says that there may be a viral moment when the clip can find on the net.

– what we just saw is a lovely clicks rocket, says Mohlin.

Bornebusch adds jokingly blame on Mans Zelmerlöw.

– It was great to Måns not able to hand out this award. It was, of course, “Idol” explains Bornebusch.

Nöjesbladet reader speculates live chat if the event is planned or a miss.

Error in the order with the glassworks

– Måns did it on purpose. Guaranteed. Sabba for TV3. Though production is crap, writes the signature Claes.

Later Nöjesbladet photo evidence of benefit Zelmerlöw actually read out what was in the envelope, which was “Let’s Dance “.

Jessica Almenäs took the opportunity to tweet from space:

– Okay. TV3 might want to practice a bit before they do live galas she wrote.

– Måns take this like the pro he is with a smile. It was the wrong program in the envelope. It is extremely regrettable and due to the human factor, writes Susanne Nylen , Head of MTG TV, in an email to Aftonbladet.

According Nylén made the error long before the gala was broadcast and depends on an error in the order with the factory making crystals.

– The communication between the order to the glassworks was a human error that followed all the way down into the envelope, writes Svante Stockselius , Kristallens Chairman .


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