Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sanna Nielsen – this is her flippancy trip – Expressen

Sanna Nielsen has done a style trip out of the ordinary.
She has detagit in the contest seven times – and her outfits are just like her everyday style evolved a lot.

Today, she dresses up preferably both comfortable and stylish. Favorite Brands include Karen Millen, Zara, H & amp; M and French Connection.

– I’m not a skirt girl. Dress, absolutely. But not skirt. In a shorts dress, I feel cool and feminine, it’s so easy to just assume. I’m pretty comfortable and practical of me, she has been telling all about fashion.

Sanna Nielsen stylist

In connection with the job as the host of the Eurovision Song Contest had Sanna Nielsen styling help of Dennis Bröchner .

– Sanna has to work in the box as the host of a whole program. Meanwhile, she’s been an artist a long time, so you do not want to make her totally, he told

On Wednesday confirmed SVT that Sanna takes over the role as host of “Sing-along at Skansen” after Petra Marklund next year.

“I’m just so ridiculously happy. To lead Allsången – one of our most cherished programs – which, like the Eurovision Song Contest have the music in focus, should be so much fun. Petra Marklundhar done fantastic job and it is a great honor to succeed her and stepping up as hostess at Sing scene in June of next year, “says Sanna Nielsen in a press release.

11 years old, celebrated Sanna Nielsen’s Swedish top-success with “For a bird ’1996.

Photo: Lars T Andersson

16 years old was Sanna Nielsen back with a new album. Then it was ankle length trousers, short-sleeved polo shirt and boots that mattered.

Photo: Olle Jansson

Faced Melodifestivalen 2001 photographed Sanna in long dress, matching suede boots and flowers around his neck.

Photo: Christer Wahlgren

2002 invested Sanna on white, two-piece suit and the then super trendy loops in the hair.

Photo: Marten Svemark

True in Melodifestivalen 2003 .

Photo: Cornelia Nordström

After schlager it was back to school for Sanna, 2003.

Photo: Ronny Johannesson

2005 was considerably refined gare clothes on stage.

Photo: Cornelia Nordström

2007 Sanna a small “cape” in the contest.

Photo Sven Lindwall

2008 has been the hair really long.

Photo: Mikael Sjöberg

Shorts Dress is a favorite (2008).

Photo: Christine Olsson

face of popular music 2011 smokes the long curls. Now focusing Sanna on a short haircut.

Photo: Christian Örnberg

in 2013. Now we see True increasingly in the stylish leather jackets.

Photo: Olle Sporrong

Melodifetivalens afterparty in Linköping 2014.

Photo: Sigge Klemetz

After win in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 celebrated Sanna on the official after party for a couple imponernade high heels (she wore throughout the evening).

Photo: Olle Sporrong

Now time for a new role – as host.

Photo: Olle Sporrong


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