Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When Collins is trying to control everyone – Aftonbladet

How is it when the time comes. The launch of the free continuation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, while in 26 countries. The project has been criticized to pieces already so when Danish policy literary editor of Jens Stein Pedersen roared to the publisher tough rules against the press is just another problem uncovered.

Norstedts PR department has tried to force the press and other media to sign a contract with strict rules for the interview and publication. This means that a PR department control what is published. That literature is a be any has perhaps never been clearer than that. It is about selling, and sell more. It is not about “literature” but about a publishing company in crisis to survive.

But it’s still a bit worse. policy did not even ask David Lagercrantz invented, or the refurbished, Zlatan -citaten in his last book. It is a type of control that has been reserved for the film and music world, but not yet the literature. Cultural and entertainment media turns into megaphones – or, Stein Pedersen’s words, “whores” – for the most commercial part of the business.

When Norstedts must declare itself refers to the interest was so big so early, and in May, when the US press began to toil in the Lagercrantz there was of course no finished book so named because it was the same for everyone: no one shall be read before the interview. Thus, no one gets an opportunity to ask qualifying questions.

In the “Diary” as the Daily News ordered by Lagercrantz and published in early August – feuilleton became publisher’s marketing department, if one wish you can also use Stein Pedersen’s choice of words – given the script in early February. So no, there was not a book, but certainly something that had gone to read. Hype created that is known of making available CONDUCT OF THE opposed. Publisher pretending to exclusivity, when all there is a professionalized fan fiction. Packaging is everything, content, nothing.

I’m not so provoked or worried because of some occasional signs of book industry and commodification and editorial powerlessness. But habituation is devastating: What does it with a serious cultural journalism? What is it that is not done, when everyone runs in the same direction and publishes meaningless, bland, controlled interviews?

The slim, of course, study, criticism. The soon to relate to what may be the Swedish crime miracle swan song.


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