Saturday, August 29, 2015

Åkesson can not answer for the crimes has increased – Aftonbladet

Jimmie Åkesson can not answer if the number of violent crimes has increased in Sweden. Although a large part of his sommartal based on the rhetoric. Åkesson refers instead to the subjective human experience.

Sweden in the violent chaos – the image of the country painted Jimmie Åkesson over his sommartal. A rhetoric that he returned to several times. But when Åkesson is asked by the Times about the veracity of the image of a society in turmoil, he has difficulty gauging itself. He could not account for an increase in crime, will come by and start talking about people’s experiences.

“Suburb Riots new phenomenon”

According to the National Crime Prevention Council of violent crime is not has increased significantly since the seventies. How do you think your rhetoric rhymes with it?

– I think, first, that, that … etc … Very many people are experiencing a situation today where one has a different nature crime. This kind of suburban riots are a relatively new phenomenon in Sweden. This type of gang crime and organized crime is also relatively new, says Åkesson, adding that one can not use statistics to see whether crime is increasing or not.

Want referendum

of the suggestions that came in the summer’s was a referendum on immigration. Akesson’s dream scenario is that Swedes say yes to a severely limited immigration.

– If I had, I would question the Swedish people if you want to see a new Lucia Decisions. A decision by the Socialist government decided in the 80s. Then they said that now the situation is so extreme that we can not have this immigration anymore.

Summer The speech was the sixth in a row that Jimmie Akesson conducted in the home Sölvesborg. The influx was significantly larger than during the election year and the four seasons park was filled to overflowing. Sweden Democrats officials estimated that about 1500 people were in place.


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