Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Zayn Malik rough twitter attack on Calvin Harris – Aftonbladet

Twitter The row escalated.

Abandoned One Direction member Zayn Malik, 22, used the coarser words when he wrote to Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, the DJ star Calvin Harris, 31 , according to the Daily Mail.

The row began, according to the Daily Mail, when Zayn Malik re-published a post on the social networking site Twitter, where Taylor Swift was criticized for having withdrawn their songs on Spotify. In post compared her with Miley Cyrus that it did not care about the money.

Swift’s boyfriend, the DJ star Calvin Harris , immediately went to the furious mottack and used one of the English most serious word, fuck, when he was directed to boy band star.

Heavy Attack

Roughly translated, he wrote:

– So you have earned your money? Cool. To hell with the 99 percent of the musicians who depend on these services to survive, right? To hell with them.

Harris went on to suggest that Zayn Malik was too young to comprehend the music industry and streaming sites.

– While you kids panic vote in the Teen Choice Awards so sitting someone poor devil in a cellar, creating your next album to try to survive, he wrote on twitter.

“Serenity in panties”

But then went Zayn Malik to counterattack, first on Harris Age:

– You knew clearly not what I wrote so calm in her panties now before your false teeth fall out.

And then flick idol really rough in words when he wanted to emphasize that He writes his own music:

– And I write my own shit, dickhead.

When Harris realized how altercation degenerated he tried to make peace and tweets finally:

– Good luck, really. You have a great voice.

Following the altercation, both Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik erased most of the Twitter posts of their profiles.


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