Monday, August 17, 2015

Women fall on the big screen – Helsingborgs Dagblad

– There will be both deep drama and almost farce. It is ursvårt to do but we have had good support from Helena, she’s the sort of actor himself, adds Maria Lundqvist.

This fall will return also Lisa Aschan (“She Monkeys”) with the drama “The White the people “, which she likens to a space epic. Lisa Siwe (“Glowing Stars”) has made the comedy “Cheerful greetings from Miss Regret Swamp”. Both True Lenken and Beata Gårdeler has already received awards at the Berlin Film Festival for his youth films “My little sister” and “flock”.

Another film which will be a major talking point in the fall is Lawen Mohtadis documentary about Katarina Taikon which she directed with Gellert Tamas.

– We meet her as a person, as an activist and author. She has been called “Sweden’s Martin Luther King.” But the film is also a broader portrait of modern Sweden. In our film we comment are not contemporaries but the film comes at a time when Roma vulnerability seen on streets all over Europe, it will be exciting to see how it is received, Lawen Mohtadi says.

Of course there also male directors in the autumn range. Kay Pollak is back with the sequel to “As It Is in Heaven”, “How on earth.” And just in time for Christmas pops vresige Ove into “A man named Ove”.

– It has been like a dream, it’s amazing character to play. He’s an old bastard who turns out to have a lot of luggage. It becomes hilarious, hot, crazy, uplifting, says Rolf Lassgård, who plays Ove.


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