Friday, August 28, 2015

Småputtrigt but jolmigt the “inside out” – Radio Sweden

Today is the premiere of a new animated feature film from Pixar. Inside out called it, and it takes place within an 11 year old girl’s head Gunnar Bolin has seen it.

For once – see the Swedish version, even if you understand English, the poor English-language’re not supposed to enjoy Ulla Skoog melancholy. Her self-loathing spirit drawling voice is the best Swedish animated film voice I heard since Dan Ekborg as the spirit of Alladin.

In the inside out is the role of holders name is also the name of our common feelings: anger, joy, fear, sadness and so the brain’s manager and pesky cheerleader her name: Joy.

The inside out of course imaginative, småputtrig and not least original, but it also desperately hard not to be edifying and that kind Disneysk uppbygglighet will be right too overwhelming, to say the least.

The 11-year-old Jenny is forced to move with his family from cold wonderful Minnesota to urban terrible San Francisco. She breaks down and suddenly it is not Joy, director of the brain longer. This causes joy and sadness as a classic buddypar embarks on the adventure and see – no one can be happy all the time.

But you can still be loved by his cooking spirit mother and her hardworking father in the small radhuset where the small uramerikanska äppelpajfamiljen boron. Nah, sorry. Sure it’s a bit of fun too, but I’ve still difficult to see who is the target audience for this neuropsychiatric candy box?


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