Friday, August 28, 2015

They receive special prize of the Oscar Academy – Vasterbotten Courier

Spike Lee, Gena Rowlands and Debbie Reynolds assigned to all honorary awards for his life works in the film.

Now it is clear that it becomes director Spike Lee and actress Gena Rowlands who will be awarded honorary Oscar for his lifetime works in the movie.

Actress Debbie Reynolds gets this year’s Jean Hersholt Award for his work on humanitarian issues.

“We’ll be pay tribute to their accomplishments knowing that the work they have done – with passion, dedication and a desire to make a difference – will enrich future generations, “writes Cheryl Boone Isaacc, academy president, in a statement.

Spike Lee and Gena Rowlands has been nominated for two Oscars were the years: he is for “4 Little Girls” (1997) and “Do the Right Thing” (1989) – and she for “Gloria” (1980) and “A Woman Under the Influence “(1974).

Debbie Reynolds had shot at a statuette for her role in” Colorado’s wild daughter “(1964) but is also recognized from his role in” Singing in the Rain “(1952).

For some years divided honorary prices are not out at the Oscars, but at a special ceremony, which this year takes place on November 14th in Hollywood.


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