Friday, August 14, 2015

Fredrik Reinfeldt AB plumes on the brand – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Eleven years after first program can be said that perhaps it was not a revolution he carried out, but enough so subversive transformation of their own party and a systemic change in the country . By taking over sossarnas rhetoric, he received the Social Democrats to take over moderate policies and set out a working line, tax cuts and privatization DEVICES Sweden.

The Moderates’ reworking of a so-called Workers Party showed what ground spin doctors could accomplish and Prime Minister Reinfeldt’s brand was rubbed into the smallest detail.

In the right costume sewn up for him there was no place for cultural accessories. He was a man who liked Magnus Uggla and had an alarm clock on the bedside table, although some Camilla Läckberg good could slip down in the summer holidays. Maybe it was too sincere, but it is hard to believe that it is not at the same time being careful to grips added. The sort of politician who would get the highest confidence figures was not the person name drops Nietzsche and Plato, committed discusses William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” – precisely what the summer values ​​Reinfeldt did in 2004.

This time, he begins by quoting Victor Hugo before he sets off to a soul pleased debutant talk about his writing and nervousness before the publisher’s judgment. Listeners with a compressed writing course: “Writing a book is about writing well.”

One gets the feeling to Reinfeldt thrive in the ether and links by firmly in the role of an ordinary person. He assures us that he’s as scared as everyone else to change, talk about their wardrobe worries – after all the years as a politician, he owns no more than a pair of jeans, poor thing – and pays tribute to the cleanliness, as satisfying as doing the right thing.

Summer The talk is of course a golden opportunity for him not only to careen his forthcoming book, but also to polish his obituary. There is no reason to believe that is not the picture of Fredrik Reinfeldt, AB – he is now self-employed with the company – is just as skillfully polished as before.

When he shovels it’s relaxed private person aside he holds a government workmanlike speech on world challenges that might lead one to suspect that he is hungry to take place on the international scene. He says it wants to rebalance the role of religion and the status of women – and gives us the Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)”. Top of his list of the biggest concerns is – in line with the “open your heart” -uppmaning he’ll be remembered for – our inability to live together.

In the end, he gives us something to ponder when he plays Ebba Grön “Capitalism and the state”. Could it be that the former prime minister himself has distance and humor?


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