Saturday, August 22, 2015

Metallica is the band I never tire of seeing – Expressen

Well, what’s a Metallica concert at Ullevi?

It may well be fully anticipated, for a while without surprises with metal giants like nowadays have a discount card to our latitudes.

And just wonderful, of course.

Metallica’s hard rock-world equivalent of a great white shark. They must touring constantly to survive.

In any case, the picture painted up in recent years by the world’s biggest metal act. Most recently in the current biography “Into the Black” in which the authors Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood mean that Metallica gone back financially every year for tens and therefore can not afford to take any longer tour pauses. 3D film flop “Metallica Through the Never” in 2013 and the festival’s own efforts Orion in the US has led the company to Metallica’s bleeding money. And that the revenue from record sales are not what they once were, of course, no secret.

Hence, perhaps a new visit to Sweden tonight, for the fifth time in nine years. As recently as last summer they filled Gärdet in Stockholm and made the coup-time festival Stockholm Fields directly to the country’s largest with over fifty thousand visitors.

This is where the focus should lie in Gothenburg today; Metallica still attract a large audience.

And Metallica makes it to the quartet is one of the world’s most trusted and best live bands.

Not hard to understand for those who have ever seen the singer and guitarist James Hetfield fire started masses with pumping arms. It is clear to anyone who has ever had to be part of the intro to “Master of Puppets” in place in a huge publikhav. Just the thought of some lucky debutantes at Ullevi tonight will get to experience the discharge of “One” for the first time in an arena, makes me automatically smile big at the keyboard.

On the disk front, is it hard for the group Now seven years worked to get out a new studio album, the sixth in the order (not including the failed Lou Reed collaboration “Lulu” from 2011). In an interview with Billboard last spring, said guitarist Kirk Hammett that the plate is thirty percent complete, which sounds about right iffy. Nowadays dryers Metallica not even call her tours for holidays from the studio. The current tour idea with hundreds of fans on stage behind the band sounds in advance … rather pointless. We’ll see how it feels with the matter.

But as I said, all that becomes uninteresting around half past eight tonight when Ennio Morricones “The Ecstasy of Gold” gets rolling in speakers on a packed Ullevi and four rock heroes who really do not have anything left to prove takes off on stage.

I promise, my armhår will be erected once again for a very wonderful band I will never tire of seeing.


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