Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Inkonst boarding school where the art control – Radio Sweden

If you think that art had to stand back in school education, one can take in the Sisters Academy of Cultural Inkonst in Malmo from Sunday.

For three weeks, built Inkonst into a school-boarding school, where the teachers are performance artists and the whole teaching is based on the poetic, artistic and emotional aspects. Such as the Danish My Salomes classes where, among other things, learn to set limits and say no to not overloaded.

– It is important to be able to say no, to find their limits, get to know them. The certainty is not necessarily born with, say My Salome, who argue that the ‘no’, she teaches is based to a large extent by feelings, not just reason. And to be able to say no in many different contexts in love life, to work, or perhaps hardest to friends.

Overall, the 20 or so people who will teach during the three weeks. Another teaching is about seeing the world with poetic gaze, a third focusing on the otämjbara and incorrect, a fourth riktiar its focus on sustainability in the world. There will also be performances and seminars during the period. Anyone who feels to be a student enrolls and live in the boarding school at least 24 hours. You get food three times a day and sleep in a big dormitory.

Today’s school is based entirely on the Enlightenment belief in rationalism and industrialism prioritization of economic productivity as the highest social value. We want to examine what happens when you assume artistic and poetic aspects instead, says the school’s self-appointed rector Gry Worre Hallberg. To make it in the form of an internet because it is easier to turn inside from the other world outside, and basically it’s all about a critique of the prevailing education system, she says.

– Yes the project has a critical attitude to a corporate structure that is built on upplyssningstiden and insdisturalismens premises. But here we are, we are more preoccupied with the use of performance art form to show the option

However you choose boarding form, that you should be here for at least 24 hours, is not it just the same deceptive indoctrination as you try to fight?

– The fact that we use an old fashioned boarding form’s because it stimulates critical thinking. Here are the paradoxes that are seductive, but that probably many will debate whether. We stimulate a constant reflection while the physical experiment is ongoing, says Gry Worre Hallberg.


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