Monday, August 17, 2015

Emile Hirsch gets 15 days in jail – Aftonbladet

Emile Hirsch pleads guilty to assault. In January, he took a stranglehold on a female film company representative.

Now, he is in prison for 15 days.

It was during a nightclub visits film festival Sundance in Park City, Utah, January 25 as Emile Hirsch , 29, got into fights with Danielle Bernfeld ; 31.

According to eyewitnesses, took the actor , known from “Lone Survivor” and “Into the Wild” stranglehold on the female film company representative.

pleads guilty to assault

According to TMZ admits now Emile Hirsch guilty of assault. The penalty is 15 days in jail, 50 hours of community service and a fine of just over 40 000.

When the row highlighted blamed Emile Hirsch on alcohol and actor la themselves into rehab shortly after the incident.


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