Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Claes Malmberg reveals all in his memoirs – Göteborgs-Posten

In his memoirs reveal Claes Malmberg everything about his life. Including how he chose the Eurovision Song Contest in front of her dying mother.

On Friday given Claes Malmberg’s memoirs out, written by Petter Karlsson. In the book, with the title The Mystery Claes Malmberg, talking Claes Malmberg for the first time about the feelings after her mother’s death and how he betrayed her deathbed.

In late autumn 2012, when Claes Malmberg would do PR for the Eurovision Song Contest, went his mom into Östra Hospital with pneumonia. Claes Malmberg had time to just be with her for a few hours before he went to Stockholm to hold press conference. Shortly thereafter, she died – while Claes Malmberg along with Tommy Körberg, Mats Ronander and Johan Rabaeus was great talking point in the tabloids with her Melodifestivalen Contributions Ravaillacz.

– When I distance myself from it and look outside, it is nothing I direct is proud of. It is perhaps not the wisest choice I made. But unfortunately I can not change that, says Claes Malmberg to GP.

In retrospect, he split to their choice.

– There are so clearly a strange choice to choose a jingle as the Eurovision Song Contest in front of his mother. But there are two extremes and it is not as easy when you are standing in the middle of it. Had I done that others had also had enormous consequences, says Malmberg continues:

– I’m educated in a school which says that “the show must go on”. I have worked professionally with theater since the age of 17 and among other things, played with 40 degree fever, so it’s the only relationship I have to work.

Claes Malmberg’s book is also filled a series of other stories from a more than eventful life, which includes everything from the first encounter with cocaine to suicidal thoughts in Copenhagen.

– I want to emphasize that I in no way thought that I should make a skandalbok I have not thought of the evening newspaper, says Claes Malmberg and continues:

– But when I started going through life, I realized that the man lived more than you yourself remember. And that you have been through quite a lot of things. Then shall you might not see everything in the book as an absolute truth, there is no witness protocol. It’s easy to start questioning yourself: I remember right now? But my intention has been to be honest.

Next, awaiting an intense autumn Claes Malmberg, including making a comeback in the next season of Saltön, as recorded in the fall. Beyond that he should commute to Estonia to record the feature film, and to promote his new book – something that he is not entirely positive for.

– What I dread most of the book fair. I have now discovered that there is indeed a profession that is even more egocentric than us actors. And there are writers, they beat the actors by a long way, says Claes Malmberg.

– Then we’ll see how it goes. I have said that I will not stand in Ullared Square and shout out that I wrote a book. But it would be still fun if anyone read it.


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