Thursday, August 13, 2015

Daniel Claeson about WoW’s överraskningsakt – Göteborgs-Posten

That it was already way out west-ready Beck who was the surprise act on the Needle in the hay at Pustervik on Wednesday evening angered many. GP’s music writer Daniel Claeson agree with the criticism.

Hello Daniel, what do you think about that yesterday’s surprise is also one of the files in it Annual Way Out West program?

– Poor. The objection that you should not have to pay extra for something you can see day after free are 100 percent is reasonable. I understand that people are disappointed. And let’s be honest: where would Beck played if he came to Gothenburg on your own tour? Trädgårn? Not much bigger than that. He is uppbiffad to the main act of the festival tonight is actually the most for lack of other things.

How is it from the organizing direction do you think when you make the reservation?

– Beck has a day off, Beck’s game hungry. Easily done booking him. He did the same thing in Copenhagen last week when he played partly on Smukfest but also in a small place in Copenhagen. Then the concert was announced the same day without secrets. So should Luger probably done here, too.

You got to meet the audience’s reactions yesterday, both on location and in the GP’s direct reporting online. How would you summarize the reactions?

– desaturate and quiet at first, I’m not sure that everyone knew who it was they saw on stage. Decent atmosphere for a while when the disappointment subsided. Towards the end Pustervik half full, many had already gone.

How should ArtsGöta repair the damage?

– We forget quickly, probably already in the day when the festival moves on.

Is it time to put down Needle in the hay?

– No, I like the concept. I bought a ticket this year and will do it again next year.

What did you think of the concert?

– Quite alright, at times really good.

Who were you hoping for?

– Beyonce, Erasure, or A $ AP Rocky. Maybe next year?


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