Monday, August 24, 2015

Misslisibell convicted of surreptitious advertising in video – Expressen

This year’s super communicator, Misslisibell, precipitated by advertising the Ombudsman’s opinion Board, according Swedish Radio program media.

The reason is that she is in a YouTube video making surreptitious advertising for the makeup company JFR.

This is the first time a blogger convicted of RON.

Misslisibell, 14, real name Lisa Jonsson. She has a YouTube channel with 315,000 followers where she tests the makeup and talking about different brands. Most of the followers are children.

In March this year she received Resumé price Näringslivets Super Communicator. Other candidates for the award were, among others, Prince Daniel and Zara Larsson.

Now folds her

Now the advertising Ombudsman Copyright Panel, RON, hands down one of her videos, from last December, according to the The media.

The reason is that viewers of the video were offered a discount code to and also could participate in a lottery with products from the company. Surreptitious advertising considered RON, which considered several issues.

Video format does not meet the requirement that the advertising easily be identified as such. The requirement is particularly high in this case because the advertising targeting children writes RON in a press release.

The decision could also affect the company JFR’s continued cooperation with bloggers.


It was Gustav Martner, innovation director and chairman of advertising agency CP + B and chairman of the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies, as reported Misslisibell and makeup company to the advertising ombudsman, RO, in March this year.

I also hope that Lisa will continue with its successful digital content creation, of course, in line with the ICC’s basic rules and guidelines. For the same manner as a popular blog offers great commercial opportunities for those who own it, so it requires an equal responsibility , wrote Gustav Martner in an article in Summary in March.

Gustav Martner believes that there is a problem in the advertisers market their products through child to child in unmarked advertising.

– It is not surprising that this folds but I hope there will be a awakening for many. We do not keep the kids enough in the media that they consume today. You need to put in resources for the children to be children online, and not small consumers, he said.

Expressen looking Misslisibell.


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