Saturday, August 22, 2015

Joel Alme | Liseberg, Saturday – Göteborgs-Posten


Joel Alme

Liseberg, Saturday

Best: That there are several best -ögonblick. I choose bittersweet Never good at life.

Worst: The start is something speedad.

Audience: 4000th

Some people will probably just have a chance to find happiness, singing Joel Alme in the initial keeps me on edge. Not so difficult here tonight maybe, he adds, no, he is entitled to.

Ten minutes into the concert strikes me: he is a prime example of that music is about a “good singing voice”, that is, the type of voice such as Idol panel favors. It is the same people who say “I do not understand why Hakan become so great, he can not sing.” They stand guard and judges on the basis of false rulebook. And missing out on so much. Tommy Körberg had never (do not morning coffee in the neck now) been able to express what Joel Alme doing on stage tonight.

Gothenburg Son played in the record store Bengans shortly after the release of the latest and fourth album Escape league, first in Swedish. It was a room he enthralled and mastered fully. I was therefore anxious for tonight’s Main Stage. Unnecessarily, it turns.

The start, however, slightly heated (tagged?) and the pouring of the 110. First, in the Red Company, the song about the sea captain who is also Almes grandfather, it will be pleasant for real. Then we float up.

Joel Alme are masters of tightrope between pleasant and nostalgic. Always denudation. When he screws down to screw up, in songs such as The Queen’s corner, before the city wakes up and the phenomenal pop song Backa time, rising the hairs on my arms.

And best of all, it is in the cracked ballads. Just in time for the peak summer sun disappears extends the out. A young summer’s youth (the same melody as soon shines Poseidon) is as much the Gothenburg Anthem Feel no sorrow for me Göteborg and pull over us like a saltvattenvåg, or perhaps a shrimp boats, the smell of the sea. Concluding Never good at life, then turn to the inside and Joel Alme redefines once and for all what a good voice is all about.


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