Monday, August 17, 2015

Peter Forsberg and Kennet Andersson to “Eternal Glory” – Aftonbladet

Ice hockey star Peter Forsberg and football player Kennet Andersson is ready for the new season of “Eternal Glory”.

They are joined by basketball player Kicki Johansson and kick boxer Caroline Ek.

– I’m super-charged, I look forward to the trip, says Peter Forsberg.

In the autumn will start the recordings of the eighth season of SVT s hit programs “Eternal Glory”. Now you Nöjesbladet reveal the final four deltagarnamnen that are ready for the competition.

There are hockey star Peter Forsberg , football player Kennet Andersson , basketball player Kiki Johansson and kick boxer Caroline Ek that have agreed to participate.

Peter Forsberg has been asked several times before – but only this year it felt right to leave into the game.

“Have checked the program”

– It should be added in any year before and so has my wife and I had children. It has not been located, but now it felt like the right time. I have watched the program in a number of years, he said.

Forsberg look forward recordings, which starts in Spain in September.

– I’m super-charged, I look forward to the whole trip. It feels great, he says.

What branch do you least looking forward to?

– To be 90 degrees anguish the order, it will not be fun. I am not cruel to swim either. But I will perhaps surprise.

How it is with physics, he is not entirely sure.

– Since I put in, I have felt pretty lethargic, but recently I have started a little. I exercise a few times a week and have run pretty much in the summer.

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” mixed emotions “

Kicki Johansson ended his basketball career in 1994. She is both nervous and excited about the” Eternal Glory “.

– The was no doubt that I would say yes, but it’s a mixed emotions. Much water has flowed between the bridges, then 94, she says.

Neither Kennet Andersson, who was one of the national football team’s big striker in the 1990s, feels in top form.

– I is far from the form I had, as a normal 47-year-old, I guess. But one must do one’s best, he says.

“Is an honor”

Although he is a faithful fan of the program.

– I have always sat and watched and thought that it really seems fun to be with. It is an honor, he said.

Kick boxer Caroline Ek has three World Championship gold medals and seven championships in his luggage. She is happy to have received the request.

– It’s very flattering to be invited to this recording where many big names are having, and I feel very humbled by the other participants, she says.

Since the former table tennis player Jörgen Persson , jockey Inez Karlsson , orienteer Karolina Höjsgaard , floorball player Niklas Jihde , biathlete Bjorn Ferry , armwrestler Heidi Andersson , enduro driver Anders Eriksson and football player Hanna Marklund clear the program.

“Eternal Glory” broadcast on SVT in the spring.


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