Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Large foreign hype surrounding Millennium release – Swedish Radio

At midnight released David Lagercrantz new Millenniumbok “That which does not kill us,” Sweden’s most acclaimed book release date. Swedish and foreign journalists flocked to the publisher Norstedts premises during the morning to get to ask questions to the author. But despite a long introduction by David Lagercrantz about the passion of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkist, took the Question Time begins in this week’s controversies that journalists are not given permission to read the book before they interview the author.

– I understand journalists, I myself have sat there and interviewed and gotten mad at all the rules. I have every sympathy for that but I am quite confident that we had released it here so had all just leaked like a bomb because it has been such pressure. The funny thing is that it actually was greater abroad. I’ve sat in interviews from morning to night since May. So I guess we had to do so and I can only say that I have lived in Mikael Blomkvist and Mikael Blomkvist had certainly become angry. But what could we do ?, says David Lagercrantz.

Big foreign hype

The press conference at Norstedts did not offer many new features. But what became clear was that David Lagercrantz is absolutely right that the foreign hype around the book is gigantic. The photographers got crowded when more than thirty journalists from other countries were in place.

– The three previous Millennium books have sold about five million copies, so in Spain sees really looking forward to the new release. This is great, says Inés Martín Rodrigo, a reporter for the Spanish daily ABC. But even in the US there is talk about the new book.

– I’m on vacation but I have followed the story of the new Millenium The book and the new author for a year, says Boris Kachka at New York Magazine.

What do you Millenium series in the United States?

– It is extremely popular. There’s a Hollywood movie already and there will be more. I can not think of any other crime writers who have been so successful since Dan Brown.

In both Swedish and foreign media, it has been debated whether it is morally justifiable to continue the publication of the Millennium series without Stieg Larsson. Sebastien Horion is a reporter for Radio France believe that the myth of Stieg Larsson and his relatives are at least as important for the attention surrounding the new book.

– Dick from Sweden and Norway is huge now. Many French people will buy the book tomorrow. It was a great success, and I think there is a bit of a myth. They want to hear more about the saga surrounding the Stieg Larsson, his brother and his father – family destiny. A story in history, says Sebastien Horion.


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