Saturday, November 7, 2015

Amanda about the nasty comments: Gets sad – Swedish Radio

Amanda Winberg from Kungsbacka have been at home in Halland and met his family. Now she is ready for the Idol Motown theme.

Amanda Winberg has been hailed by both audience and jury in TV4′s Friday program Idol. But online, there will also nasty comments, that idol takes too much space. And taking for themselves, she says.

– It is clear that somewhere I will be anyway a little sad, because I think it feels very boring . It’s not something I can really relate to, and it’s not something that I convey. I hope I do not do it, says Amanda Winberg.

The mainly about comments from the other girls. Host Anna Bergh advises: Take no shit.

– Yes, take no shit, that Grynet says, responding Amanda.

– At the same time, I feel that if it is so that I can be perceived as if I have a little attitude, so it can actually get to be so. For I feel that I’m trying to show as much of myself as possible.

Amanda think It can be about her stage language and the songs that she uses, some confuse it with her personality.

– But I hope it’s not something that many feel although there have been some attacks as well. But somewhere, will you still sad.

Since last Friday, the finals have Amanda Winberg got to visit Kungsbacka and family.

– I have been home for the first time since qualifying week. Had a really nice, really good, I’ve had it this weekend, she says.

Do you feel that you have the support being who you want to be ?

– I feel that I have the support of myself and a lot of my environment.


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