Thursday, November 12, 2015

“Idol” -deltagaren was taken to hospital – Expressen

Tove Burman, 16, was taken to hospital before the “Idol “-repetitionen on Thursday morning.

Because of difficulty in breathing got idol see a doctor.

– I was somewhat short of breath when I woke up, she says.

The idol Tove Burman spent Thursday morning at the hospital.

When she woke up in the “Idol” -Hotel she felt the swelling in his throat and could not really get air.

– I was somewhat short of breath when I woke up, I usually get very swollen and it becomes thick in my throat and my windpipe, I’ve been so many times when I had a cold, she says.

At the hospital, she received medicine and help to dilate the bronchi.

Previously, Tove Burman medicine for his cold asthma.

– It was just bad luck, it’s happened before and I knew what it was. It was not panic, she says.

Despite the morning’s hospital stay, she managed to “Idol” -repetitionerna and have now run through his song three times.

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Tove Burman: “Is a stubborn man”

Week theme of “Idol” is love and idol will be the Friday finals performing the song “If I is not got you”.

– I feel much better now, although it is not fully restored and quite good voice either. But I am a stubborn man, says Tove Burman.

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The dramatic start to the day prevents However idol from to aim high.

Prior to the Friday finals she feels after all calm.

– I know I’ll pass, no matter what happens, to go up on stage and deliver. I will rest and cure me until tomorrow, I’ll simply take it easy today and obey the doctor.

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