Sunday, November 8, 2015

Unmissable and snacks waiting to take Hilary Mantel Wolf Hall in Case – Radio Sweden

The evidence suggests that there is a considerable amount of reading people – in many parts of the world – who are impatiently waiting for a specific book to come out. It is the third and final part of the British author Hilary Mantel’s novels about Thomas Cromwell, Henry the VIII’s spin doctor, then continue to “Wolf Hall” and “Bring the dead.”

But from Hilary Mantel’s hold is not heard a peep about this … Well, these readers anticipation and desire might be stilled – albeit temporarily – with the collection of short stories by Hilary Mantel, which today comes out of the Swedish translation. “The murder of Margaret Thatcher ‘named book and we gave it to one of those impatient – namely Elin Claeson.

Closing sentence of the first story in this collection shows clearly how Hilary Mantel writes, and about what. Let me quote:

“I can never be sure that the doors must remain closed and remain on hinges, and when I turn out the lights at night I do not know if it’s as still in the house When I left it, or if the furniture is raging in the dark. “

Yes, the world is unsure of the sheath. Can not say for certain what slips past the corner of his eye, things may be animated, full of wayward – sometimes mischievous – life and people and places are as frayed at the edges, a little blurry.

But the language is on the other, perfectly clear and sparkling. She embroiders not look anything unnecessarily, but put not point only for the sake of it without sounding sentences breathable than quickly than deeply and slowly.

This is the style – but what’s the stories about? For she calls them stories – not fiction. Possibly distintkionen unnecessary, but let us stick to her choice of words. Historiern are written and published earlier; in different contexts and at different times. And it has become a collection of both some trivial, some predictable stories but also a lot of treasures. As the more or less autobiographical first story that takes place in Saudi Arabia in the 80′s. It is a hit on all planes; She quickly puts the reader in a clear space and in a clear context, but at the same time she creates uncertainty in what is said and what is actually happening, and after the reading stops feeling of sticky discomfort continues. Another ingenious story is about a writer; it could be Hilary Mantel yourself, who are invited to visit a reading circle in a small, stinking town and eventually end up in a disgusting hotel that smells as if it were a corpse in the closet. It is also much death and disease in Mantel’s stories, it is the threat of death, suites of disease, bodily ailments, splitting headache or sudden spöksyner.

Now, let it heavy, I hear. Death, illness, anxiety. No, remember that stuff I said about language – it sparkling and clear, and add a generous helping of sour British humor, so it becomes more like the experience.

The story which gave the collection its name, incidentally, is also a of those gems. It is about the where the “if” in world history. What would have happened if it had appeared an assassin on the steps of an unsuspecting citizen of one of London’s more affluent neighborhoods where the Iron Lady for the moment found himself.

Still – I’m waiting like I said impatiently for the final part in the trilogy about Thomas Cromwell, because I want to Hilary Mantel will stretch out full length and give me a history of more than 20 pages. For specific enough these stories for a while – but it’s still more like snacks before dinner.


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