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Wild strawberry cake was his victory recipes – Aftonbladet

A white strawberry cake was his trump card.

Linus Larsson is the first man who has won the “All Sweden bake” the Seven.

– Toughest during filming was the pressure I put on myself, ‘he says.

Plate setter Linus Larsson , 35, from Söderhamn Sweden best home bakers 2015th

In the evening’s finale of “Full Sweden bakes” in seventh grade, he and the other finalists My Sundberg 23 and Anna Nilsson 32 including baking a wedding cake with unexpected and distinct flavors that go to the acid side. Linus Larsson invited the jury and a wedding couple on a white strawberry cake consisting of sockerkaksbottnar, strawberry mousse, white chocolate mousse and a strawberry compote.

– One of you has been baked from both traditions and memories. But even shown the combinations that we may have tasted before but we have not expected. Above all, we have not received repetitions, read the jurors baker Johan Sörberg , 47, and bakboksförfattaren Birgitta Rasmusson’s , 76, rationale for “Full Sweden bake” -vinnaren.

Led by performance anxiety

Linus Larsson, who is the program’s first male winner to date was unusually calm during the final.

– The toughest in the recordings was the pressure I put on myself and performance anxiety I had to face every moment and every program. The press released a little before the final because I had come so far in the competition. But I would win, I did not touch. Anyone of the three of us could have won, says Linus Larsson.

The competition rounds he appreciated most were the technical challenges, which participants had to think about the combination of flavors and appearance. Some races he succeeded better with than others.

“Forgot to turn on the oven”

– The first program I would bake pastries. The schedule was tight and I knew that if something goes wrong will go almost everything wrong. Then I managed to forget to turn on the oven. It ended up that I had to bake two bottoms at the same time and on high heat. The result was that the mousse in pastries melted because the bottoms were warm, says Linus Larsson.

The finale was filmed in June, and only a few people knew that it was he who won baktävlingen.

– I do not think it has been so hard to keep quiet. Since I work as a craftsman and is away for periods it was not so many who responded that I was gone. It is well now on the end that it has received spontaneous questions, he continues.

Enable bakbok

Anyone who takes home the title of “Sweden’s best home bakers’ gets a bakbokskontrakt and already the day after the final, Linus Larsson called by the publisher. The process of developing their own bakboken took off right away but the result was not a foregone conclusion.

– I knew how the book would look like. But not how it would look. We made various proposals and took some of each proposal and finally we got into a whole, says Linus Larsson.


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