Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A visual and serious Mio, my Mio at the Stockholm city theatre – Sweden’s Radio

Title: Mio, my mio by Astrid Lindgren, in the dramatization of Kristina Quiet

Location: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, sweden

Director: Sofia Jupither

Cast:Tove Edfeldt, like olympic champions … Foladi, Eva Stenson, Gerhard Hoberstorfer, Julia Marko-Nord, Tiril Wishman Eeg-Henriksen, Jonas Blixt, Magnus Hammer, Odile Nunes, Shebly Niavarani, Christer Fant, Jörgen Thorsson, Oskar Laring, etc.

Design: Erlend Birkeland

Costume: Julia Przedmojska

Light: Linus Fellbom

Composer: Joakim Unander

this is The third time I see Mio, my Mio on the stage. On a big stage. And, I realize that the basic difficulty is always there. The to to the scene to transfer a book that starts with a gosses inner longing and loneliness and then turns into an epic saga about the struggle between good and evil.

Kristina Peace is, of course, gentle with Astrid. And Sofia Jupither is not afraid of gravity, not afraid of the stillness. She wants it to be about all the children who lack a place to feel safe and at home. And so it will be. For who may well not be familiar with Bo Vilhelm Olsson’s longing for a father? And here Tove Edfeldts voice to convey it through the speakers, like an inner monologue in the beginning – when He’s sitting there, with red hood, on his bench in the Tegnerlunden.

“I was just a year when I came to uncle Sixten and aunt Edla. My mother died when I was born and my dad has never heard of. Uncle sixten and aunt Edla says that it is because he does not care about me.”

Yes, Tove Edfeldt is straight and clear as Bradley, who will be the Mio, when he comes to the Country in the distance. Where is his father the king – a secure Gerhard Hoberstorfer and the Jum-Jum, suspiciously similar to the friend Benka from home town – played by an extremely charming and funny like olympic champions … Foladi.

Yet it is happening again to themselves the adventure on stage, hard to get any internal dynamics – there is something static about how the fight as well as to take itself from station to station.

But – it is compensated in large part by the clear willingness to seriously and that it is visually grandiose and atmospheric. Erlend Birkeland stands for the set design, in close cooperation with the lighting designer Linus Fellbom and they use the stage space and depth. There are shadows, clouds in the sky and it is the black cliffs that are both berg and borg. There is new music by Joakim Unander and a Per Oscarsson-similar, skewed and sad Knight Kato, portrayed by Jörgen Thorsson. He in the last battle, want the Mio to cut through his hard heart of stone – that which destroyed so long.

And when the children are freed in the end – when the dawn also the sun in the fund.


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