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Star Wars-the star: “Feels like a shift” – Expressen

LONDON. There is a young woman who is the great heroine in the new Star Wars movie "Rogue One".

“I started working out at the gym at a time for all of the fight scenes,” says Felicity Jones, who plays Jyn Erso.

Expressen met her, the rebels and imperieskurkarna in London.

And got the answer to the question:

How does it feel to stand face to face with Darth Vader?

It has of course been much secrecy, even around this part of the Star Wars saga. "Rogue One" has arrived to the cinemas just one year after "Episode VII – The Force Awakens".

But the plot of the "Rogue One" was in front of our eyes all the time. In the where he was buried, which rolls forward on the screen when the "Episode IV – A new hope" begins, the first of the films went up on the cinemas in 1977.

the Text where we are told that a group of rebels managed to come across the blueprints for the Empire’s new terrible weapon, "death star". It is the story that is now finally told.

So yes, this is the time just before Luke Skywalker & Co. make their entrance. Some familiar names pop up, even in the "Rouge One". Nothing more familiar than Darth Vader.

“An intimidating glory of god”

One of those who will meet him is the australian actor Ben Mendelsohn, who plays the commander Orson Krennic.

So how was it?

” It was a very intimidating glory, combined with a strange smell. One thing that people don’t realize Darth Vader is that there’s a very special smell around him.

– It is some kind of mixture of wood and plastic and everything is very disorienterande. Almost so that their eyes start watering.

the Character Jyn Erso.

Diego Luna who plays rebellkaptenen ^ w. coster, baptism Andor had no scenes against Darth Vader, but encountered him already in the first day on the job.

” I sat and talked with Gareth (director Gareth Edwards) and suddenly I hear these loud respirations. I turn around and there he stands, the main character in all my nightmares!

Diego Luna grew as so many of their colleagues up with Star Wars. So it is of course great for them to now stepping into this familiar universe.

Not the least of Felicity Jones, the oscar nominated English actress, who plays the film’s huvudrollsfigur, Jyn Erso. She is the daughter of Mad Erso (played by Mads Mikkelsen), the designer who reluctantly designed the death star.

“I was extremely happy when I got the role,” she says. After my audition so it went a month without I heard something and it tends to be bad news.

But the so called Gareth, and I thought, best I take myself to the gym.

the Many action sequences

It was a good idea. "Rogue One" is the closest thing to a war movie as the Star Wars saga delivered. There are lots of action scenes and Jyn Erso is in several of them.

but the young women who plays the lead role in the sci-fi-action films is starting to become rather common. We had Rey (Daisy Ridley) in the "Episode VII – The Force Awakens", we have Katniss Everdin in the "Hunger Games"and Tris in "the Divergent trilogy.

– I hope it is not just a trend, ” says Feilicity Jones. Previously it could be tough for a woman to work in this environment, it can be pretty macho.

– But it feels like a shift. There is a huge appetite for this kind of film. I think the key is to create complex characters, both for women and men.

So what was the coolast on the recording?

” It was probably all of the characters. I had seen them on the drawing board, and suddenly you have them around you, and they do, often with the help of two or three persons.

The first Star Wars films consisted largely of white actors. So it is no longer.

In the "Rogue One", it is a very mixed group of people we meet among the rebels. The actors come from Mexico and China.

Riz Ahmed who plays the defecting Imperiepiloten Bodhi Rook – is himself an englishman of pakistani origin.

– It is only natural that it is so in 2016, ” he says. You tell a global history, to a global audience. The audience is mixed, it is we actors also.

Diego Luna – from Mexico – think it’s extra important in these times that the Star Wars shows up, as it blended the look:

– It is very important that films reflect ourselves. The mixture you see in this video, you’ll see in every big city nowadays. It is to send a message, and Star Wars has always managed to find a connection to our own world.

Star Wars-the movie “Rouge One” has already had its premiere in Sweden and had four wasps.

Director Gareth Edwards is probably the greatest Star Wars-devil of them all. We are talking the level that he previously travelled to Tunisia just to visit the original places that George Lucas used.

Although he only directed a few movies in the past (including the recent "Godzilla"), so he did not hesitate to take on this megaproject.

” Yes, I had a lot of pressure on me, but when I stood there on the recording, surrounded by stormtroopers and X-Wings, it felt as if I was back in my own childhood. It was very soothing.

Gareth Edwards also got the chance to do so as well is every Star Wars fans greatest wish. He got to fly an X-Wing. Or as near as we can now.

” We had a mockup suspended with a crane. It could rotate 180 degrees and the monitors showed the way you flew. I completely forgot about that I was the Pinewood studio and I thought I was in a galaxy far, far away.

the Film has gone up in Sweden and had four wasps of the Swedish newspaper Expressen Maria Brander. It also has internationally received good reviews.

“It’s a big relief,” says Felicity Jones. It really means a lot, because there are so many who have such expectations.

“Fight the tears”

But the happiest is of course the director and the Star Wars überfantasten Gareth Edwards. And the most important reviewer of all have given their approval.

– The best review in the world was when George Lucas saw it and gave a thumbs-up, ” he says.

” I had to fight against the tears!


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