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Farmer-Sigrid difficult barnbeslutet – Expressen

Sigrid Bergåkra and Pål Mases was blixtförälskade during the filming of “Farmer seeks wife”.

Pawn-the couple now live together. But they will not get any children together.

“My medication to prevent,” says Sigrid Bergåkra.

During the Wednesday night broadcast season finale of "Farmer seeks wife", where farmers receive visits by program host Linda Lindorff. Sigrid Bergåkra, 43, and Pål Mases, 48, found each other outside of the "Farmer seeks wife", but were together while the program was recorded.

Now they live together – with the location of their farm. Therefore, they are cohabiting, but with the two properties.

He retains his farm and I maintain my yard, but we have moved in with each other, ” says Sigrid Bergåkra if sambolösningen.

“Farmer seeks wife”-the profile says that the couple is comfortable with each other, and plan for the future.

“We are confident with each other and say we love each other, you have come so far, so it feels safe,” says Sigrid Bergåkra.

the Couple has several children from a previous marriage. But Pål and Sigrid will not acquire any own children.

– Unfortunately, we should not have children, ” says Sidrid Bergåkra.

the Disease prevent

the Couple has discussed whether a child together is something they want to bet on, but come to the conclusion that it is not.

– When people meet and become fantastic ones so it is an amazing gift to be able to give each other a love child. But it is something that does not work for me with my illness, ” she says.

Sigrid suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and the medication can be dangerous for a possible fetus.

“I take the chemo, so they recommend me to not get pregnant again,” says Sigrid Bergåkra.

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Sigrid Bergåkra want to take care of the children

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Sigrid think it’s nice to Pål Mases has children from a previous relationship.

” It feels good, it is very nice that he does not have the longing for children, I am grateful. I’m very happy of my three beautiful daughters who are healthy and feel good. I am also pleased to have got to know court declared that: fine teenagers, ” she says.

the Couple’s decision to not have children together is something that TV4 did not get out. Instead, they kept the decision for themselves.

“They were here in september and filmed the last one, and it is only now beginning to land in such and take the decision,” said Sigrid Bergåkra.

Even if Sigrid and Pål does not intend to have any children together, so they think a lot about children and young people, and “Farmer seeks wife”-the profile would now like to get involved in other people’s children.

” I think if children and young people, and likes to take care of other people’s children. I would be happy to work more with young people and children.

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