Saturday, December 24, 2016

Here Sanna Nielsen five plus of the readers – the newspaper Aftonbladet

Lucky Nielsen, thank you for the support

Sanna Nielsen’s job as julvärd hailed by readers.
As a thank you she was receive a shirt with the five plus, immediately after the completion of the broadcast on SVT.
– No, but god! Now I get goose bumps! Thank you. Oh, what fun, she exclaims when Nöjesbladet give him the shirt.

Directly after Sanna Nielsen switched on the light in the live broadcast she was hailed by the viewers. Praise tumbles into the social media.
Also, readers are very satisfied with her effort julvärd.
at the time Of writing has 8000 people liked to vote.
Of these, 60 per cent have given her the highest score, five plus.
to celebrate the grade received Nielsen receive a t-shirt with five yellow plus in the studio directly after the completion of the broadcast. A christmas gift that makes her very happy.

She is also to thank those who participated in the production.
– you Know what? It should be 'we are five plus'. For it is such an incredible teamwork it here. There are so incredibly many that worked with this. With everything from the script, to the image, light and sound. It is amazing. Great that people seem to be satisfied and happy.

"Longing, so long"

Of those who voted were 13 percent less satisfied, and gave Nielsen a plus.
What do you say to them?
– You might be happy next year because there is a new julvärd.
True described the evening as magical.
– I’ve longed for this for so long. That put me in this comfy chair and get to wish you all a merry christmas.
On the spot during the broadcast was, among other sanna’s guy, Joakim Ramsell, which also played music together with her. A support, which she appreciated.
– It is clear that it is always fun to have him with them. But he is here also as a musician, above all. We have had it very cozy and fun.

Celebrated grandma and grandpa

A recurring theme during the evening was memories from sanna’s time with their grandparents, granny Anna-Lisa and grandpa Donald.
– I celebrated my barndomsjular at home with them and I wanted to share with you my personal christmas and how it has been for us in the family.
Next to them throughout the evening, she has had a card on her parents in a gold frame.
– It was obvious that they would be with. In the picture, I am probably between 12-13 years old. My grandfather was the busfröt number one, ” she says, and tap him on the card.
What will you do now, when the evening is over?
– I’m going to put myself on the couch in my mysbyxor and I think I’ll drink mulled wine and just take a breather. For this will be the absolute last thing I do, job-wise, before this year is over.
– Yes, in a few weeks anyway, ” she says, wearing a red lace dress and femplus-shirt.


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