Thursday, December 29, 2016

Trump: ”It is time to move on” – Aftonbladet

president-Elect Donald Trump commenting on now, the us sanctions against Russia and promises to meet the heads of the us intelligence community in the next week.

– It is time for the country to go on to bigger and better things, ” he said in a statement.


Through meetings with underrättelsecheferna want the future president to immerse themselves in suspicions that Russia affected the outcome of the presidential election by a hacker attack.

Donald Trump has previously ruled, among other things the CIA’s accusations against Russia. Even now, the tone is critical.

– It is time for the country to go on to bigger and better things, ” he said in a statement on the united statesthe decision to expel 35 the Russian diplomats.

"In the country’s interest"

But he continues:

– in Spite of it, in the country and its magnificent people’s interest, I will be meeting the leaders of our intelligence agencies next week to update me on the circumstances surrounding this situation.

Kellyanne Conway, former kampanjchef for Donald Trump and the prospective advisor, speculating at CNN that the sanctions are a way for president Barack Obama to limit the incoming president vis-à-vis Moscow.

– It would be very unfortunate if politics is behind this. We can’t rule it out, many times, it is so, ” she says in the programme "Under".

Too much focus on Russia

She further explains that she feels that she has focused too much on the Russia – both before and after the election.

Hillary Clinton has only herself to blame for the election loss, according to Kellyanne Conway.

– I do not believe that Vladimir Putin prevented her from fighting in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

The three provinces was nyckelstater in the election. Had Hillary Clinton won where she had most likely also been the USA’s next president at this point.


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