Friday, December 23, 2016

Got the suitcase in the head – now suffer the pop star of unusual disease – Aftonbladet

"it Can take a while before it gets restored"

She got into the Billboard top rated with a twelve year old song.

But now is Therese Grankvist on sick leave – after receiving a suitcase in the head.

– I have got something that is called postcommotionellt syndrome, ” she says to the Gaffa.

After having been out in the world and toured for many years has Therese Grankvist, 39, found love in Sweden and moved to Nyköping, sweden. But now she is on sick leave after a rather dramatic train ride – where she got a suitcase in the head.

– I agree on and heal after a concussion, so it has been a bit springy. I have become so sensitive to light that I had to go back to the 80′s, you know, just use the patches and home phone, ” she says to Gaffa.

Hjärnskakningen, which she already got last year, has been lengthy and she was diagnosed with postcommotionellt syndrome.

– Then it can take a while before it gets restored. So right now I’m on sick leave a month, ” says Therese Grankvist to the newspaper.

dream home-a comeback at the time

Therese Grankvist was one of the 90s big pop artists, including a second-place finish in the Eurovision song contest on his cv. Since then, she has mainly devoted himself to the club music in London. She also has been number one on the u.s. Billboard chart in the autumn, with the twelve-year-old song "Put em high". But now forged new plans, and a dream home-the comeback seems to be on the way.

– Yes, it is actually on time. It would be a blast, I have moved home and live in Nyköping now. But we will have to see after the recovery process, ” she says to Gaffa.

Therese Grankvist want to take it a bit easier in the future and she has no longer the same urge to conquer the world.

– I think I got to experience and feel quite satisfied. I will always like working with music, in any way.


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