Sunday, December 18, 2016

The actor calls Stefan Löfven “idiot” – Expressen

Actor Robert Gustafsson goes to the attack against prime minister Stefan Löfven in tv and says that he is an idiot.

– I become extremely scared when I realize that there are idiots on both records. You are afraid of the dark, ” he says to Ebba von Sydow in the broadcast.

But after the program backs the comedian and would like to clarify his statement:

“Löfven is no idiot, however, I have it. But it is my job as the tour is,” he writes in a text message.

the Actor and comedian Robert Gustafsson are up to date as Allan Karlsson in the new film “Hundraettåringen as the batter from the bill and disappeared” which premieres on christmas day. In the morning visited he TV4 and “Nyhetsmorgon” to among other things talk about the new film and about growing old.

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When the tv host Ebba von Sydow Kleberg asks if he is afraid of ageing, he says that he since the childhood liked the idea of getting older and ageing, and that he is happy to hang out with people who are older than he is himself.

“I have always wanted to be older than I am, ever since I was a teenager or child,” he says in the program.

the Actor is developing his reasoning, and tells us that he looks at people with important missions is older than what he is himself.

“I still think that those who play in the Three Crowns in the national ice hockey team is older than I am,” he says.

Then comes the unexpected attack on Stefan Löfven:

– People who have important missions, a prime minister or a security officer at the Ringhals nuclear power plant, for example, is supposed to be older and wiser than I am. So I become extremely scared when I realize that there are idiots on both records. You are afraid of the dark.

Gustafsson fits at the same time that provide young politicians, in general, a boot.

” I have always had a difficult time for young expression, become embarrassed when I look at young people who speak out about things. Young politicians are the worst I know.

In a text message to Expressen backs then he explains his statement. He writes that it is “extra scary when you as an adult realize that, for example, future presidents, prime ministers, army commander and security at nuclear power plants are just ordinary people with the same faults and shortcomings as you walk around with. Löfven is not a fool, however, is I it. But it is my job as a tour is.”

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Expressen has been in contact with Ingela Nilsson, press secretary of the prime minister Stefan Löfven, who declines to comment on Robert Gustafsson moves.

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