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Gunhild His tribute – to-ex-wife – the Express newspaper

Cancer Gunhild He fights on with his severe illness and continue to spread the joy.

Now the Norwegian posted a picture on Instagram in which she pays tribute to her husband petter’s former wife Ingrid.

“the Unexpected friendships are the best. You are truly amazing,” she writes.

the Picture was put out on Friday and has had a huge impact.

Some of the recent comments looks like this: “What a lovely view!”, “Amazing”, “Respect”…

she wrote is a tribute to her husband’s ex-wife.

“Being exwife and wife might not be the best starting point, but the unexpected friendships are the best ones. Ingrid He you are truly amazing!”, she writes.

the Tribute consists in that despite the fact that it might not be the best starting point to be the current wife and ex-wife, so is exactly the kind of unexpected friendship the best. Then ends it with that she calls the former wife He for fantastic.

Struggle for life

Gunhild He suffered in 2014, that 35-year-old, of systemic sclerosis which is a chronic, autoimmune disease which you know very little about. After that, she and her husband Petter published this has Gunhilds battle against cancer has been a serial with several dramatic twists and turns that involved many.

Not least for Petter He is one of the region’s richest men, while the Hunters made themselves known, including a doctor, a philanthropist and environmentalist. The couple is very involved in various välgörarenhet and has become very popular, particularly in Norway and Sweden.

By november, told Gunhild He candidly about her battle for life.

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– Compared to the past, I feel that I go on half machine. Now I have to add so much more time in order to reach the same results, for the body does not want and does not work as it should. Therefore I’ve been forced to listen more to my body, for example, I need to sleep much more than before. In the past I have just been running on.


She also told us about his life before the disease:

” Before I was sick I could get up at four o’clock-halvfem in the morning and run a mile with the baby and the dog. I would often be dressed and ready for the surgical morning meeting at 06.45 and after a long day of work with nattjour in the hospital, I went with the on hotellöppning and stood and smiled, and represented that Petters wife. In addition, I managed all projects within the GreeNugde (a non-profit research organization that Gunhild based in the He Foundation to step up and test the scientific way linked to energy efficiency and climate change, ed). I worked all the time and slept very little, maybe five to six hours per night.

Gunhild and Petter, He married in the summer of 2010. Before that, it was Petter married with Ingrid Bird Haug He and judging by the picture on Instagram, the two women a very close friendship today.


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