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Stefan Löfvens new tiggeribesked: This must come to an end – financial times

the Government intend to put a stop to the beggars on the streets of Sweden.

Stefan Löfven is pushing partivännerna in Romania to take his responsibility. And he wants to look over the solutions that can bring an end to beggary.

– We need to look at the different options. One thing is for prohibition, another that you may apply for a permit to have this type of activity, ” he says.

the Prime minister Stefan Löfven (S) holds today its traditional christmas speech on the main square in Enköping, sweden. In the century is expected to he look forward and paint their visions for Sweden.

After the election of the Donald Trump, and the increasing discussion of populism and the growing gap between city and country, has the prime minister been more visible in places outside the major cities. In the short time he has visited Umeå as well as Västerås, Kumla, Örebro, sweden and now, Enköping, sweden.

More travel

Stefan Löfven out that he always liked to travel in Sweden and that it is something he will have to prioritise more in the future. Even if the assignment and the prime minister also requires the presence abroad, for example in the context of the EU-meetings in Brussels.

– When I was a trade union representative was the trips in Sweden the best thing I did. It creates a proximity that is essential, not least in today’s situation of growing populism. We must see to it that it is becoming more frequent between voters and public representatives, I feel a risk that we have a too big gap and then increase the risk for mistrust and it is harmful for democracy, ” says Löfven.

Beggary hot issue in the S

In the cityscape in most Swedish communities included now EU-migrants begging for their survival, usually roma from Romania and Bulgaria.

In Löfvens party, the social democrats, there is an ongoing discussion on how to tackle tiggerifrågan. Civilminister Ardalan Shekarabi has opened up for a ban and mayor around the country have been on the same track. According to information provided to Aftonbladet, it is considered of the greatest importance that the issue be resolved before the elections in 2018.

Stefan Löfven has so far said no on the grounds that you "can’t ban poverty". Today, however, seems the door to a ban or other powerful measures ajar of the prime minister.

He states that beggary must come to an end.

– It is never acceptable to have to see people stand on their knees and beg, it is so degrading and wide for the socialist ideology, in any way, this must have a stop.

Called new S-government

the Government has signed cooperation agreements with Romania and Bulgaria on the beggars, but Löfven has also acted vis-à-vis’s management in Romania.

– I have talked with the chairman of the socialist party of Romania, which now has won the elections and will form the government, that this needs to be further developed. They themselves must take responsibility for its citizens, it is the answer number one. Then how we should handle exactly the fact that people are sitting on the streets, we get to reflect further on. But it can not continue.

– We need to show a difference that we are actually gradually seeing to remove it, for it is an inhuman situation.

Means that it could be a ban against begging?

– We have no such proposal, but we have to look at different solutions. One thing is for ban, another one may seek permission for this type of business, there are certainly several different variations, ” says Löfven.

Question to those who want to beg must seek permission, and thus risking a ‘no’, launched by the former minister of justice Thomas Bodström (S) last year.

– We need to realize that this is a part of our society and to legitimise the beggary, but also to gain control over it, so I think that it would require a permit, said Bodström, who at the same time stated that he does not believe in banning begging.

Has stopped giving money in the mug

Stefan Löfven has stopped to give money in tiggarnas mugs. Instead donate money to the humanitarian organization "heart to Heart" with the activities of the roma in Romania and Bulgaria. For it is in the tiggarnas own home country the solution, he says.

– Adults people need to get help to work, there must be good housing and good education for the children so that they can live well in their own community, ” says Löfven.

Some advice on how the Swedish people should respond to the issue of money in tiggarnas mugs he would not, however, come up with.

– All choose to do as they want, I have told how I do.


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the Beggars in Sweden

There may be between 4000-5000 people who are begging for their survival in Sweden, a survey SVT conducted in the country’s municipalities shown in the past. No one knows for sure how many it is all about because there is freedom of movement within the EU and registration is missing. EU citizens may stay in another country within the union in three months without permission.

About 80 percent of the beggars come from Romania, the majority are considered to be roma who are vulnerable in their own country. The other is estimated to have originated in Bulgaria and a few other countries.


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