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George Michaels last difficult time in the life – Expressen

George Michael looked haggard at the end. It says neighbours to the world cup.

New pictures circulating showing a bloated and out of shape George Michael, in a form far from their good ‘ ol days.

George Michael lived his life as the myth of a pop star. It was a scene of drugs and scandals, and he was several times the subject of police action.

– He looked significantly older than his real age, ” says a neighbor to the Daily Mail.Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis / AP, TT NEWS agency

in 1998, he was arrested by police after exposing himself inside a toilet in Hollywood. The then 34-year-old pop star tried to avoid scandal by first give his real name – Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou – but it wasn’t long before his identity as known reached out.

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in the Summer of 2006 it was time again. Then there appeared pictures that showed how George Michael during a sexmöte in a park in London satisfied a 58-year-old man, an unemployed truck driver.

In October 2006, was found by numb over the steering wheel of his car, and later convicted and sentenced for having driven a car when he was not in the condition to do it. He was using the license for two years.

in 2008, he was arrested for possession of drugs, and in 2010, he was sentenced to eight weeks in prison after having crashed his car into a store. He was released after four weeks in the October of the same year.

in 2013 he fell out of a car on the M1 motorway, and had to be flown by helicopter to the hospital for head injuries. According to his spokesperson had the artist try to close a car door that was not quite closed and then fallen out. George Michael got to leave the hospital a few days later.

in The last few years revolved very much around the disease, including the pneumonia he suffered in 2011. It was about to require his life and Michael needed intensive care, where his trachea was cut up to keep the airway open.

He spent a month in hospital in Vienna.

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at the same time, his framträdamden increasingly rare, writes the Daily Mail. And now published pictures said to be taken in a restaurant in september. They show an overweight and swollen George Michael, who is almost not to recognize.

He looked considerably older than his real age, ” says a source to the Daily Mail.

According to the british press, he has barely been seen in public the last time, but lived as a recluse, withdrawn and trapped in his house in Oxfordshire in London.

“He seemed to not have many friends left at the end,” another person says to Radaronline.

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