Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Michael Nyqvist almost died on movie – Expressen

Michael Nyqvist divided the skull in a nasty accident.

“the restaurant and the setting christmas,” says the award-winning actor that it was Eliazabeth Taylor, a plastic surgeon who “saved the life of him.”

He: “take it easy, In fixed the tits of Elizabeth Taylor so I am gonna fix your face,” says Michael Nyqvist in the program.

In Tuesday’s episode of “restaurant and the setting christmas” is featured Plura Jonsson of Hollywoodskådespelaren Michael Nyqvist. In the programme laws, the duo is not just food, makes schnapps and drink mulled wine, but also give each other christmas gifts.

– This pat you will like, when you done you bad, ” says Plura Jonsson.

Michael Nyqvist’m guessing, however, that he’ll get a splint. But when he sees what the package really contains a first aid box will be the actor happy.

So it is something I need, it is just that. I have beaten half to death me criss-cross through my glorious career, ” says Michael Nyqvist.

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the Actor will then get asked how many ribs he cracked during the filming.

” I would say that I cracked… three ribs when I made the “Mission impossible”. Tom Cruise pushed me into a car, ” says Michael Nyqvist.

” Goddammit, Tom Cruise!, answer Plura Jonsson.

Michael Nyqvist continues:

” Yes, and when I would make “John Wick” with Keanu Reeves. And then there was a guy who was a stuntman. This guy was very nervous and was stressed out by the directors. As soon as you do something with someone else that is physical, one must have eye contact. And he pinched me when I was standing in the bottom against a table so I flew through the… from the window to the window… through the whole room, “he says and continues:

I emerged from the skull as the ear low here,” says Michael Nyqvist, and tap his shoulder before he turns up the scar that he has in his forehead and head.

the Actor then tells how ended up in a hospital in New York, where he was “rescued” by Elizabeth Taylor’s plastic surgeon.

Then came a plastic surgeon in and he was very funny for he was called Dr Kwon. I knew that I will die. So he comes back and looks at me, and I’m deathly pale as a skrivbordspapper. And then he said this: “take it easy, In fixed the tits of Elizabeth Taylor so I am gonna fix your face”. So that’s why I look like a titty.

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“the restaurant and the setting of christmas” is broadcast on TV3 at 21.00 in the evening.


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