Sunday, December 18, 2016

New record for ”Musikhjälpen” – Aftonbladet

And over 49 million.

"new york" offered a new record.

They locked up on Monday night.

since Then, emotions have kaosat in glasburen, at Stortorget in Örebro.

– It has been sick, man lands, and never in a sense but have been thrown between deep sadness and euphoria every five minutes. No one who has done this can relate, it is not possible to describe how you feel, ” says Josefine "Little Jinder" Jinder.

– There is nothing left to feel, it is pretty empty. I remember it like it has been amazing, ” says Pelle Almqvist.

New record

When they were released six days later, they had collected 49 003 745 sek 312 000 commitment, both figures are storrekord and the money goes to the final ten.

– We have already received a number of requests from our partners and in January, the board makes decisions about the first projects. Already in a few weeks, so the money to be on-site and ensure that children of war may go to school, ” says Per Byman, secretary-general of the final ten.

Then was the whole programledartrion rödgråten.

– There is no single event that has been the best, but we all have made together. What an incredible performance during a year characterized by racism and general idiocy. During this week we have a wonderful Sweden, sa Kodjo Akolor and burst into tears.

Burst into tears

He made his sixth and final year and burst into tears before they came out of the cage.

– I want to say thank you to Josephine and Pelle for you were during my last time here. It has been amazing to get to know you, “he said and burst out into tears and laughter at the same time,” he said.

– I’m not going to say goodbye to this program, but continue to remind that we will continue this fight, ” he said then.

When Little Jinder would describe this week’s highlights was the night-time adventure that starts to extra.

– I and Miriam (Bryant) challenged the audience that we would give 2000 bucks if they built a human pyramid, and they did, at 04:30 at night, then plunged it back together. And so the man who 03.30 came running with a flute for a challenge.

Broke up over the children

But the strong feelings came the day before yesterday when the correspondent Molly Nutley told how she met the thirsty children in Burundi as she was ordered not to give any water for there would not be enough to all in need.

– I didn’t even know that Burundi was, it was a country. They are a people who in any way is completely forgotten. It is on a level here that is so sick and it hurts so much because I know that they are so incredibly non-talked about, ” said Molly Nutley and burst into strong storgråt together with Little Jinder.

"Wrote sample during the shelling"

It’s moments like these programledartrion carries with him when the week ended.

– There have been several such occasions, with terrible stories, as Lara from Syria during a shelling did biologiprov under his bench. It was very strong to hear, ” said Pelle Almqvist of the shipment.

And Radiohjälpens secretary-general was effusively happy afterwards.

– In a year when most of the fundraising has gone worse than last year, it is great to see Something go the other direction and once again beats all records. A big thank you to all who set up for children’s right to go to school, ” says Per Byman.

During the week Filip and Fredrik broken the record with its reklamfilmsauktion which generated sek 3.4 million and Hofors inhabitants of over 1.2 million chronor.


Filip & Fredrik hit a record high in new york


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