Friday, December 16, 2016

Bengt Frithiofsson leaves TV4. – Aftonbladet

Bengt Frithiofsson leaves TV4.

It reveals the colleague upper leather Törnquist.

"Today, we pay tribute to Bengan, which of course adds! Buhuuuu," he writes on the Twitter.

Bengt Frithiofsson has chosen to leave the TV4 after almost 25 years. After many years have been "Nyhetsmorgons" wine expert, he has now taken the decision to move on to new assignments.

- I’m an entrepreneur. A passionate person. A dedicated man in everything I do. There’s a lot happening in the world and I want to be with and depict it, ” says Bengt Frithiofsson to Expressen.

"do not Know how we shall cope with us"

But what, exactly, it means he does not want to reveal yet.

- All papers are not signed yet. So, we come back to, ” he says to the newspaper.

the News was revealed in "the Lowlands", where the television personality was honored with both the champagne and the flowers. Viewers were treated additionally, at a little clip from his time in TV4.

- I don’t really know how we’ll manage without you, ” says upper leather Törnquist in the program.

Hailed by her colleague

the upper leather is also suitable to pay tribute to his former colleague on Twitter with a picture of both of them and Jenny Strömstedt with the text.

"Today, we pay tribute to Bengan, which of course adds! Buhuuuu".

Bengt Frithiofsson has become a big profile on TV4 through the years. He has, in addition to its participation in the "Nyhetsmorgon", among other things, has been in both the "Let’s dance" and "Kändisdjungeln". Before he started on TV4 he wrote for the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet about food and wine.

Nöjesbladet looking for Bengt Frithiofsson.

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